Cucumber Salad

"This is a REFRESHING, tangy Salad--low in fat. If you want it creamy and not so low in fat, just add 2 tablespoons mayonnaise. Be sure to slice the cucumbers and onions very very thin! Serve as salad or top open faced sandwiches with it!"
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  • Mix cucumbers and onions together.
  • Mix rest of ingredients together in a closed bowl and give a shake.
  • Add to cucumbers, chill till very cold & serve.

Questions & Replies

  1. Will apple cider vinegar work?
  2. How far ahead can I make this and how long will it keep?


  1. This is a classic Polish recipe. However... You are leaving out the MOST IMPORTANT STEP!! After the cucumbers are sliced you MUST get as much water out of them as possible! You can do this by laying the cukes out on a plate with another plate pressed on top of it. Leave that in the fridge for at least one hour. If you don't do this your salad will be watery and yucky!!
  2. Made this exactly, except used a white onion instead of the red. Other then that, I wouldn't and didn't change anything. I did however, salt and drain my cukes first. (Had already done that prior to selecting this recipe.) Grabbed some dill and chives from the garden, and the whole taste was so yummerisish-ish, I could of eaten the whole bowl! Highly recommend! Great - Reets!
  3. Love, love, love this. I left out the onions...and used Splenda instead of sugar. This was an instant favorite for my family.
  4. With a quick taste on my fingertip, I was in a time warp: sitting at my Oma's kitchen table in Germany having her cucumber salad. I almost cried. Thank you for a delicious dressing! I used plain Greek yogurt and only cucumber as my red onion had seen its better days, and, well, I thought I was growing dill but apparently not (still don't know what that plant is! LOL!), so I used dried dill. Yummy! Thank you so much, Rita!
  5. Really enjoyed this. I used much less onion. . .and used a sweet yellow onion. I also mixed up the dressing earlier and then stirred it into the veggies just before serving so it didn't get watery. I doubled the sugar (actually I used splenda). Will make this again. Thanks, Rita!


  1. Mandolin for slicing, or just cube the cukes, Greek non-fat yogurt, scallions, celery seeds can easily be substituted.
  2. My step-mother used to make this! Oh yumminess.....the only thing she did different was use miracle whip instead of yogurt.
  3. Great recipe!! Being an improviser, though, I did change it a little to suit what I had on hand. Instead of red onions, I used green, and I did add about 1/2 t of celery seed. Also, I cubed the cukes instead of shaving them...mostly due to laziness, but also because we like the heartiness of big solid bites. Very good, loved by DH and I alike!!!!
  4. I made this with the sour cream instead of my usual mayo and it tastes just like my cucumber salad! Delicious!! I use my mandoline to get the cucumber slices nice and thin... went with recipe #427470! Made for ZWT #6.
  5. Good recipe, I may try yogurt instead of the sour cream next time. It got a little runny.



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