Toasted Turkey and Bacon Sandwiches

"These are are wonderful comfort food that can be prepared for lunch or dinner with a side salad or soup...... The dressing gives this sandwich a kick and if you used sharp cheddar instead of regular it would be that much better...... I adapted this recipe from the Pillsbury 2008 Annual Recipes Cookbook"
Toasted Turkey and Bacon Sandwiches created by CoffeeB
Ready In:


  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon ranch dressing
  • 8 slices soft Italian bread (about 1/2 in. thick)
  • 4 ounces deli turkey (shaved from deli)
  • 4 slices bacon, cooked and halved
  • 4 slices tomatoes, halved
  • 2 slices cheddar cheese, halved
  • 2 tablespoons butter or 2 tablespoons margarine


  • IN small bowl,mix mayonnaise and dressing.
  • Spread on one side of each slice of bread.
  • Top each of 4 bread slices with turkey, baconk, tomato,cheese and remaining bread slices, mayonnaise mixture side down.
  • Spread butter on one side of each sandwich.
  • In a 12 inches skillet, place sandwiches butter side down.
  • Spread butter over top of each sandwich.
  • Cover; cook over medium-low heat for 6-8 minutes or until bottoms are golden brown.
  • Turn sandwiches; cover and cook 5-6 minutes longer or until bottoms are golden brown and cheese is melted.

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  1. angelbaby531
    Absolutely delish!! Love the mixture of mayonnaise and ranch! I used Italian Bread; buttered one side of each piece of bread, put the mayo/ranch mix on the other; added sliced cheddar cheese, turkey slices, bacon and also swiss cheese. Grilled in the skillet a few mins on each side, and voila. Sandwich perfection.
  2. jnpj7468
    I loved this spin on grilled sandwiches. It was so delicious! The ranch dressing gives it a bit of zip. It all made for a nice decadent treat. Thanks!
  3. Cuistot
    This is delicious, the ranch really gives it a nice zing. But with the cheese, mayo, bacon and ranch dressing it's a little on the greasy/heavy side. I think this would be great winter comfort food :) and I'm sure I'll be making it again!
  4. CoffeeB
    Toasted Turkey and Bacon Sandwiches Created by CoffeeB
  5. CoffeeB
    This is a different twist-up to the traditional grill-cheese sammy. A great one that will be a keeper in this household as grill chesse is made at least once a week. I used American white and yellow for the cheese choice. I know I'll be trying sharp or any variety of kinds as they'd all work depending on your preferences. The tangyness of the mayo-blend is what's especially unique. Thanks for posting and glad I tagged for Photo-Tag~



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