Tasty Homemade Hamburger

READY IN: 50mins




  • Put ground bee f into a large bowl. Add two eggs than add salt and pepper and Worcestershire sauce.
  • Add minced onions , minced garlic, garlic power onion power, Italian seasoning and parsley flakes with a big spoon.
  • Mix everything with big spoon for one minute. Now take your hands and mix evething until is well blended tighter.
  • Take big spoon and measure one spoonful of beef mixture. Now shape it into oval patty.
  • Shape all mixture into patties using spoon make sure it is a spoonful. Once you shape all patties should gave 6- 8 patties.
  • Put two patties on George Formab grill cook for 5minutes on one size than turn it cook on five minutes on other size. Let it cook for total ten minutes. I have small George Forman grill so I can only put 2 burgers on grill at a time.
  • When burgers are finish add your favorite comidements. Use lettecue or spinach add chips or fries and salad. You have a delious favorable homemade burger.