Taco Casserole for the Crock Pot

Taco Casserole for the Crock Pot created by Parsley

The crock pot is my friend and I use it every chance I get. This smells so good cooking and its great for those cold winter days! Great for summer days too. hehe

Ready In:
3hrs 15mins



  • Spray inside of 3 1/2 or 4-quart slow cooker with nonstick cooking spray.
  • In large skillet, brown ground beef with onion and garlic over medium-high heat for 8 to 10 minutes or until thoroughly cooked, stirring frequently. Drain well. Stir in taco seasoning mix, salt and pepper.
  • Place 3 tortillas in bottom of crock pot. Top with beef mixture, broth, tomato sauce and enchilada sauce. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup of the cheese. Layer 3 more tortillas. Top with beans, corn, green chiles, half of the olives and 1/2 cup cheese.
  • Top with remaining 3 tortillas. Sprinkle with remaining 1/2 cup cheese and olives.
  • Cook on high setting for 2 1/2 to 3 hours or on low setting for 6 to 7 hours. Uncover crock pot for last 30 minutes of cooking time.
  • Top individual servings with sour cream.
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@Sandy in Oklahoma
@Sandy in Oklahoma
"The crock pot is my friend and I use it every chance I get. This smells so good cooking and its great for those cold winter days! Great for summer days too. hehe"

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  1. Shelsea T.
    This was sooo good! I altered the recipe just a little. Instead of using 9 corn tortillas I used probably 24 or 30. I also fried the corns before putting them in the crock pot. So it had way, way more layers and filled the crock pot all the way up. Also, I think it would be just fine to simplify this recipie and skip the beef broth and tomato sauce and just add a second can of enchilada sauce. For beans I used 1 Goya Pinto and 1 Goya Black. This turned into a Mexican style lasagna that I would give 5 of 5 stars and have every intention of making again. Fantastic!
  2. Sirpezy
    The day I planned to make this I didn't have enough time in the morning to prepare it for the crock pot so I decided make it in the oven. And when I browned the meat I decided to just add all the ingredients together (besides tortillas & cheese, I still layered those) and let simmer in pan for about 20 min. I realized I forgot the tomato sauce & decided not to add it. I omitted the olives & only used 1 lb of meat. Also used the green enchilada sauce. I cooked for 40 min at 350 (uncovered for the last 10 min.) It reminded me of one of my fav. recipes: http://www.recipezaar.com/Crock-Pot-Taco-Soup-40022 I really love this new recipe & being able to get the same flavor & use it in a casseroles, chimichangas, over rice...yum yum!! Thank you so much for a wonderful & versatile recipe!! Enjoyed by the whole family!
  3. Amberngriffinco
    This was okay. I felt it was too dry.. I used the Taco Bell Mix clone. It was just too dry.
  4. Parsley
    Taco Casserole for the Crock Pot Created by Parsley
  5. Parsley
    Delicious! Great flavor and easy to make. It didn't turn "mushy" loke some crockpot casseroles; the layers held up. It's important to generously spray your crockpot. I used homemade enchilada sauce, so I spread a little extra over the last layer of tortillas (before the cheese). I was out of black olives so I had to leave them out, but I'll add them next time. Thanx for posting!

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