Sweet Chili Shrimp Nachos

READY IN: 45mins
YIELD: 40 Nachos


  • 1
    (2 lb) bag frozen shrimp (deveined and tailless for easy prep, thawed)
  • 1
    (12 ounce) package wonton wrappers
  • 1
    (2 ounce) bag prepared shredded coleslaw mix
  • 1
    (12 ounce) bottle sweet chili sauce (and Yum Yum sauce. It wouldn't let me add this as it's own ingredient)
  • your favorite frying oil


  • Fill frying vessel with enough oil to cover 2 inches.
  • Cut Wonton Wrappers in half to make an easier-to-eat size chip.
  • Fry Wonton Wrappers on medium about 40 seconds each flipping half way though until golden brown.
  • Set on paper towels and immediately salt. Move to serving dish and top with coleslaw mixture.
  • Cut each shrimp into 3 pieces and toss in the corn starch to dredge. This will give you a light crunchy texture.
  • Fry shrimp in batches on medium high about 2 minutes for each batch stirring with spider or slotted spoon to prevent clumping.
  • Toss shrimp in sweet chilli sauce and assemble a spoonful atop each Wonton chip.
  • Drizzle with yum yum sauce and serve.