Substitute Sour Cream

"I saw this today on Paula Deen's show and HAD to try it since I had almost a quart of yogurt. It works. And I liked it better than using just yogurt. Cooking time is refrigeration time, preparation is time for butter to cool."
photo by lauralie41 photo by lauralie41
photo by lauralie41
Ready In:
1hr 10mins
1 cup




  • Melt butter and let cool to room temperature.
  • Thoroughly mix butter and yogurt.
  • Refrigerate an hour.
  • Use like sour cream.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Anonymous
    Do you use all of the substitute sour cream in your first recipe or do you only use what the first recipe calls for ?


  1. Cook In Northwest
    This saved the day for hubby's birthday cheesecake. I went for the sour cream, opened up the container, and only found about 1 Tbsp. The recipe called for 1 cup. Not only did this work well, but it made just the right amount too! Way to go. It did look a little different than regular sour cream, but that may have been because my "room temperature" was pretty cold, and the butter had virtually set up when I mixed it with the yogurt. It did blend in, but there was just something odd about the appearance.
  2. Mandy
    Thankyou for saving my dinner plans, i needed some sour cream and only realised at the last minute that I'd run out, this saved me from having to change my planned dinner at the last minute, thanks for posting!
  3. Pan Mar
    Amazing substitute!!My cheesecake was same taste excact as i was using sour cream!!
  4. jnpj7468
    Wow, this is an amazing substitute! I couldn't be bothered going back to the store when I ran out of sour cream, so I decided to try this. I let both the butter and yogurt get to room temperature before mixing together, and they mixed together really well. I was amazed at how well it turned out. It tastes exactly like sour cream to me, and I couldn't notice any difference in texture. I will definitely use this in the future when I need to use up some plain yogurt or when I run out of sour cream. Thanks so much for the great recipe!
  5. Heather in Utsunomi
    My husband and I are currently living in Utsunomiya, Japan for his job. Sour cream is really expensive here and it much thicker than in the USA. I found this recipe to be a major problem solver for us! Thank YOU!!!


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