Stoney River - Coffee Cured Filet

"Just like the Coffee Cured Filet from Stoney River. Sounded weird when I first heard of it, but after tasting it, it tastes nothing like coffee and is an unbelievably flavorful steak. A staple in our household since perfecting the recipe!"
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  • Place all the liquid and dry ingredients into a large bowl or zip-lock bag and mix until dissolved.
  • (HINT: Measure the olive oil first and then the molasses, it will slide right out of the measuring cup if you do the oil first).
  • Add ice to cool the mixture.
  • Add the filets and marinate at least 6 hours for best results. I like to mix them up and flip the meat every couple of hours, but not required.
  • When ready to cook the steaks, heat an iron skillet or griddle as hot as you can get it and sear the outside of the steaks for a minute or two until dark and crisp on the outside, then place on the grill to cook to your wellness liking the rest of the time.
  • (HINT: I recommend searing the steaks outside on a grill side burner if possible. It makes a mess of your cooktop inside otherwise.).

Questions & Replies

  1. Hi, thank you for the recipe! Stoney River makes my very favorite steak! I have a question... do you use the coffee grounds, or do you use liquid coffee? My other recipes with coffee cures call for the grounds, but I noticed that you said to put ice in it to cool it down so it must be liquid? Just want to double check! Thank you again!
  2. HELP! I just realized I don’t have molasses. And I don’t have time to go to the store before work!!! Can I use maple syrup instead? Or will it ruin my (expensive) steaks!?
  3. I was told to wipe all the marinade off before putting in the skillet. Do you wipe all the marinade off?


  1. Best steak ever! Every time we have people over for dinner, this is our go to recipe and we get compliments all night. So easy to do, too. We buy a whole beef tenderloin and filet it ourselves. It doesn’t have a coffee flavor (my husband doesn’t care to drink coffee but this is his favorite!) Tender and great flavor! Thanks for the post!
  2. Could you please answer the questions. I'd like to know, too


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