Step by Step Serviette /Napkin Folding , Easy!

READY IN: 2mins
YIELD: 4 napkins


  • 2
    paper, serviettes
  • 2
    paper, napkins


  • Lay your serviette square out flat before you. Fold it in half horizontally.
  • Take the serviette and fold it in half again vertically so that it is now a small square a quarter the size of the origonal square.
  • Only one corner of the square will have 4 open / loose edges, rotate your square so that it is a flat diamond shape with the open corner pointing downwards. We will call this the "South" corner, and the top corner opposite "North" and the other two remaining corners East and West.
  • Fold the South corner up, so that it meeting and laying on top of the North corner. Your serviette is now in the form of a triangle.
  • Gently crease the bottom ( east /west line) of the triangle well.
  • The South corner consists of 4 seperate flaps, take only the outer-most of these and fold it back south again, expect that the crease line should be about 1/2 inch (1 cm) HIGHER ( but still parallel to) the bottom ( east/west) straight edge of the triangle. This leaves a thick triangle on the top and a very thin, one paper layer, smaller triangle on the bottom.
  • Take the next layer of the loose flap at North, and fold it south, with it's crease line about 1/2 inch (1 cm) ABOVE the crease line from the first folded down flap. Now you will have a smaller triangle folded down in the South position on top of the first one.
  • Repeat Step 7 until all four flaps are folded down, pointing South in triangles on top of each other, the one on the bottom will be the biggest and the one on the top will be the smallest.
  • Carefully pick up the serviette and bring the East and West corners together at the back, then carefully crease firmly the fold that runs from the center of the top main triangle to the point at North.
  • Turn the serviette around and set the finished serviette onto the table with the North point closest to you on the table, with East and West points on the table furthest away from you and the South points pointing up into the air up the center.
  • Works best wih heavier paper serviettes.