Steak-N-Shake Chili

"I grew up eating at this fast-food restaurant and then it suddenly disappeared. Now they are back and their hamburgers and shakes are just as good as they ever were. Their chili cheese fries are delish! Of course, now I only eat at this restaurant on special occasions!!!"
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Ready In:
6hrs 15mins




  • Brown ground beef along with salt in oil. Drain meat and return to crockpot. Put soup in blender and blend for 1 minute. Add all other ingredients, including soup, to crockpot. Let simmer on low for 6 hours or on high for 2 hours.

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  1. I was a manager with Steak 'n Shake for about 20 years, In the very early 90's a disgruntled former district manager released the recipe in the local newspaper. ( I should have saved it) I do remember that 2 of the ingredients that stood out were coffee and chocolate. there was no cocoa or cola. When we made chili in the kettle it was 4x 1 gallon cans of large red kidney beans, 4 gallons on water, and 2x 5 pound chub of prepared chili meat (it was prepared off site and had spices already included) and cooked down to a decent thickness at a medium heat, stirring often.
  2. AWFUL. Nothing even close to Steak and Shake chili. Whomever wrote this recipe obviously has never been to on. don't waste your time and money on this recipe thinking you are getting chili that tastes anything like the chain Steak & Shake.
  3. I concur with the other reviewers: This tastes nothing like SnS chili. It's way too sweet. I added a ton of onion powder and a few tablespoons of beef bouillon powder. That helped. I think if I had skipped the Coke and maybe used V8 instead of tomato sauce, it'd be even better. This makes an edible pot of chili but it's not great and it certainly shouldn't be called SnS chili.
  4. OMG! Sorry but this is nasty. I had to throw it all away. So, F- if there is such a thing. At least you tried. But, your taste buds are wacked. LOL!
  5. It is obvious y'all at GK have not even made this. I suspect it is the cola making it taste terrible. Blending the French onion soup is a waste of effort as is making this chili. This is one recipe that should be removed. We trusted you! We


  1. I cannot say if this is like "Steak-N-Shake's" chili because I have never been there but this is a great tasting chili recipe. It is not spicy so perfect for the wee ones. I used 2 cans of mixed beans instead of kidney beans and I added a bell pepper to it only because I had one that needed to be used. I used a 19 ounce can of tomato sauce. I did appreciate the sweetness the cola offered the chili.
  2. It has been so long since I ate at Steak-N-Shake, I can't say how close this is to the original, but it was good. I simmered it for about 2 hours before I added the beans, and it was getting pretty thick, so I had to add about 1/2 C. of water to thin it out a little. I used ground venison instead of beef. My wife loved it.



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