Copycat Steak 'n' Shake Frisco Melts

Recipe by eknecht
READY IN: 20mins




  • Combine Thousand Island Dressing and ketchup thoroughly, set aside.
  • Form ground beef into 8 thin patties.
  • Pan fry to desired doneness, set patties aside.
  • While patties are cooking, lightly toast all 8 slices of bread in a toaster.
  • Drain the excess fat from the skillet, add 1/2 tablespoon butter or margarine to the skillet (medium heat) and add all the onions when butter has melted.
  • Cook onions 2-3 minutes or until softened, remove and set aside- do not drain skillet.
  • Place 4 slices of bread in the skillet (or as many as you can at once; repeat the following steps in smaller increments if necessary).
  • Cook 1-2 minutes, or the bread is until lightly toasted. Flip bread and toast other side.
  • Remove from the skillet, melt the remaining butter and repeat the toasting with the remaining slices of bread.
  • Top bottom slices of bread with one slice of American cheese.
  • Layer one beef patty on top of cheese, then a slice of Swiss cheese, another beef patty, another slice of American cheese.
  • Distribute grilled onions evenly on all four sandwiches.
  • Spread top slices of bread with the dressing mixture, and close sandwiches.
  • Cut each sandwich in half diagonally, and serve with 2 lettuce leaves and 2 tomato slices.