Spicy Orange Paprika Grilled Chicken

"As I cleaning out boxes of cut out recipes I came across this one. I think its a Canadian Living one but no idea what year. I put mine in the oven to cook."
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  • Place chicken in shallow dish.
  • In a separate bowl whisk the rest of the ingredients and brush over the chicken.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 10 min or up to 24 hours.
  • Brush BBQ with some oil.
  • Place chicken with bone down, close top of grill, turning once about 45 minutes later.
  • Transfer to cutting board and let stand 10 minute before cutting.

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  1. We loved this chicken recipe! Here's what I did (before I forget!). First I bought local free range boneless chicken thighs and pounded to 1/2" thickness. To the marinade I added a pinch of Spanish saffron and decreased the amont of standar paprika and adding 1/2 teaspoon of Spanish smoked paprika. The chicken thighs marinated in the fridge for 24 hours. Pan grilled on each side about five minutes. Garnished with flat leaf parsley, orange slice, more Spanish smoked paprika and variety of imported olives: Spanish, Peruvian, Greek, etc. Really wonderful recipe! Thanks for posting! Our Menu: Spicy Orange Paprika Grilled Chicken, Recipe #481917, Recipe #483679 served with Recipe #130132, local steamed corn on the cob and green beans, imported olives and manchego cheese. Reviewed for ZWT 8.
  2. Great flavorful chicken!!! I made this as one of the three meats for our Labor Day weekend BBQ. I used it on chicken legs, and since we are wimps, cut back just slightly on the cayenne pepper, but it really wasn't necessary as it just provided a nice bit of heat, but not too much. Served this with party bread, recipe#222273, cucumber salad and corn on the cob for one fantastic meal. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for ZWT8.
  3. Loved this. I grilled one chicken breast for one serving. Simple and good. Thanks bigbadbrenda for a nice meal. Made for ZWT8 - Family Picks.
  4. This is great. I used chicken thighs and marinated overnight. The orange zest and spices add a very nice flavor. Thanks for sharing! ZWT8
  5. Oh this is soooo good, just finished dinner and I'm so lucky I picked this one. I did have to bake in the oven as have no grill over here in Trinidad - but you can bet when I'm home it'll be made again. Love the blend of the orange and other spices - such an unusual flavor that we all enjoyed. I made as directed (except baked in the oven) and wouldn't change a thing. Made for ZWT8 Family picks.


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