Spanish Citrus Salad

Spanish Citrus Salad created by kitty.rock

Entered for safe-keeping. From Mrs. J Siemmons, Jackson, Michigan, as submitted to BH&G. Pimento and red kidney beans set this salad apart.

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  • Cut orange sections in half crosswise.
  • In a large bowl, combine oranges, kidney beans, celery, onion, parsley and pimiento.
  • Blend remaining ingredients together; pour over mixture in bowl.
  • Chill several hours, stirring several times.
  • Serve in romaine-lined bowl.
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"Entered for safe-keeping. From Mrs. J Siemmons, Jackson, Michigan, as submitted to BH&G. Pimento and red kidney beans set this salad apart."

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  1. Elmotoo
    I loved this! I used shallots instead of red onion just because I like them better for eating. I also used a grapefruit with the oranges & used the juice from that for the dressing. Made for Grapefruit Tag in the Spain/Portugal Forum 6/12.
    Fantastic summer salad! First I arranged greens (Russian kale, arugula, baby spinach) on two salad plates. Then the other salad ingredients were placed on top, rimming the edges with orange slices. The dressing was made 2 hours in advance to allow the mixture to marinate. The change was to serve the dressing separately. If the dressing is added too early as indicated in the recipe the citrus acid in the vinegar and fruit will wilt the lettuce. Used extra virgin olive oil, sherry wine vinegar and I didn't have any pimiento on hand (or even a red bell). Could have used tomato/sun dried instead but then it would have competed for attention with this that was served with the salad: Recipe #459554. Celery hearts added a nice edge to the salad, too. Added both red onion and scallions. Most of the salad ingredients were from either our CSA box or the local farmer's market. The thyme was omitted simply because we don't like it. Reviewed for Veg Tag/July.
  3. kitty.rock
    Spanish Citrus Salad Created by kitty.rock
  4. kitty.rock
    This was SO easy to make and so very delicious. Made it for our dinner tonight and we loved it. As some other reviewers suggested, I used fresh orange juice with the oranges and kidney beans, olive oil and celery salt as I had no celery in the house. I used a light raspberry vinegar and it gave the salad a slight sweetness that was very refreshing. Loved the oregano and thyme blending with the fruit. Served on butter lettuce leaves ~ DELICIOUS. Will definitely put this in the keeper cookbook ~ made for ZWT5 ~ SPAIN.
  5. CaliforniaJan
    I made this salad for ZWT 5's Valencia Challenge and was glad I did. It went with my Spanish supper and was a standout on its own. I made it as directed and also found the grapefruit juice-based vinaigrette a little too tart. I added about 1 Tablespoon sugar and it was perfect. Thanks Kate for posting it and I've now tucked it into my own cookbook!

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