"soft Serve" Vanilla Ice Cream

"Very similar to soft serve ice cream found at restaurants, fast food places and various stores. You may need to change the amounts based on the size of your ice cream maker/turner!"
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Ready In:
1 gallon




  • Place milk in electric mixing bowl.
  • Make pudding according to directions on box.
  • Add pudding & sugar to mixer, blend well.
  • Add Cool Whip and Vanilla to mixer, blend well.
  • Pour mixture into 1 gallon ice cream maker.

Questions & Replies

  1. way too much sugar, this recipe is way too sweet..
  2. I just acquired a soft serve ice cream machine from a restaurant I'm wondering what would happens if I put this mix in there rather than using a regular ice cream machine


  1. This recipe is for soft serve. Soft. Serve. So of course it's not going to get that hard. It's supposed to taste like and have the consistency of soft serve. And it delicious.
  2. I scaled this recipe back and also used 1% milk, which may have been unwise choices. The ice cream never really got firm, but we enjoyed some really good milkshakes.
  3. We did the old-fashioned crank style with this ice cream. It did firm up a bit but not as well as I would like. We scooped it out of the ice cream maker and put it in a gallon bucket and stuck it in the freezer last night. This morning it has firmed up really nice and tastes wonderful! We are doing an ice cream social so this recipe is really cheap to use for big quantities and uses no eggs, which is going to be great for the young and elderly who often attend these church functions! Thanks for posting a great and easy recipe for those of us who still like to make homemade ice cream, but don't want to empty our wallets on the traditional ice cream ingredients!
  4. This really tasted like "real" soft serve vanilla ice cream. It's a lot like Dairy Queen or Carvel ice cream here in the United States. I used 2% milk and lite Cool Whip.
  5. this is great. if you put fat free milk (4 cups), and package of sugar free pudding mix, six splenda packets, and some Vanilla, this stuff is so sinful and to die for. thanks for the recipe chef 482014! you are the best.



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