Soft Custard

"Soft great and tastes so, so, so good!"
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Ready In:
2 1/4 cup custard




  • Put 1 3/4 cup milk in saucepan, cover and bring to a boiling point.
  • Reduce heat.
  • Combine eggs, sugar, salt, and remaining milk.
  • Add to scalded milk, stirring constantly.
  • Cook stirring constantly, until a coating forms on a spoon.
  • Remove and cool, add vanilla.
  • Serve in tall glasses with whipped cream and coconut or use as a pudding sauce.

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  1. kitcat56
    Actually Janet, the lumpiness they are talking about isn't the scrambled egg effect from improper tempering. I've made a lot of custard in my life and I tempered the egg mixture first even though this recipe doesn't tell you to. It was fine during the tempering and fine when added back into the pan of scalded milk. After about 5 minutes of cooking and stirring the mixture it broke. I tried using an emersion blender on it and I was able to get it combined again, but it was grainy. The pets ended up with a naughty treat. I think the issue is using whole eggs rather than just egg yolks. I'm going back to my old recipe.
  2. MamaDrChef
    While I appreciate that Janet put in the directions for tempering the eggs, I have to point out that this recipe is for a soft custard. You do not need to bake it after cooking it, as that would make it a baked custard.
  3. Mandy
    I had no trouble with this recipe as I incorporated a little of the milk mixture into the eggs to warm them before adding them back into the pot over the heat and it worked fine. That being said, this was a little sweet for me so next time I would use less sugar but other than that my 4 yr old DD and I loved this recipe. Thanks for posting!
  4. Janet Arango
    The reason that the custard turns lumpy is because the eggs are cooking in the hot milk mixture before they become incorporated into a custard. This is called curdling the custard. I think the custard recipe sounds great, the cook just did not explain how to incorporate the eggs into the mixture without cooking the eggs on the way in. You will get fabulous custard if you: 1. Beat all the ingredients EXCEPT EGGS well for several minutes. 2. Next put mixture on heat and bring to a boil stirring constantly. 3. In a separate bowl BEAT the 3 eggs until creamy, approximate 1 minute. 4. >NOW FOR THE TRICK>> TAKE THE BOILING MIXTURE OFF THE HEAT AND IN A VERY NARROW, SLOW, LONG 12" STREAM, AND WHILE CONSTANTLY STIRRING THE WELL BEATEN EGGS, SLOWLY POUR HALF OF THE HOT MIXTURE IN THE BOWL OF EGGS. AFTER POURING APPROXIMATELY HALF OF THE MIXTURE INTO THE EGGS, STIR (NOT BEAT) EGG/MILK MIXTURE WELL FOR AT LEAST 1 MINUTE AND THEN S-L-O-W-L-Y POUR ENTIRE EGG/MILK MIXTURE BACK INTO THE ORIGINAL HOT MILK MIXTURE WHILE STIRRING ANY INCORPORATING WELL. 5. AFTER MIXTURE IS FULLY INCORPORATED RETURN THE ENTIRE MIXTURE BACK TO THE STOVE ON MEDIUM OR MEDIUM HIGH AND STIR CONSTANTLY UNTIL MIXTURE COATS THE BACK OF A SPOON AND LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE MELTED CANDLEWAX. TRY USING A WOODEN SPOON RATHER THAN METAL. TRY CREAM RATHER THAN MILK FOR A CREAMIER CUSTARD. TRY ADDING A HINT OF COCONUT FLAVORING. TRY MIXING UP ALL INGREDIENTS TOGETHER WITH AN ELECTRIC MIXER ON HIGH FOR SEVERAL MINUTES, THEN BAKE AT 350 FOR 45 MINUTES. I am going to give this recipe 4 stars because the ingredients and amounts are correct and the custard is so yummy 'when cooked correctly' but the 4 stars can only be applied if you follow these instructions.
  5. marta michalak
    I am a huge custard fan so I had to try this recipe cause it sounded so easy to make and I've never made custard before. I followed the directions perfectly but mine also turned out really lumpy as if the eggs got cooked instead of mixing in with everything else. This was after about 8 minutes and the mixture wasn't even getting thick yet. I then blended the custard with a mixer to get the lumps out so that I could at least taste it and I didn't quite like it. I would not recommend this recipe, especially to first time custard makers.


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