Slow-Cooker Creamy Chicken

"An easy crock-pot recipe."
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  • Add all ingredients to crockpot.
  • Cook on low all day.
  • Serve over w/w pasta or brown rice.

Questions & Replies

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  1. alisonhess5
    Has anyone used sour cream instead of cream cheese?
  2. alisonhess5
    Love the review but has anyone used sour cream and not cream cheese.? Thanks
  3. botsyj
    How many hours is all day on low for a crock pot cooker?


  1. Terriyaki 2
    Will complete my review after I make this today. Saying to "cook all day" is not good though for high rating. LOL! That means I have to watch it since I don't know how long to cook and that defeats the purpose of a slow cooker. I am borderline excellent cook so I can deal with it.
  2. Rock Star Mama
    OMG!! this is by far the easiest family meal to make that tastes the best. Want to impress guests? Make this, serve it with a sprig of rosemary of top, some crusty bread & salad. They will go crazy. That's what I did & I served it all over well cooked brown rice. The sauce just soaks into the brown rice & it is truly amazing. I used chicken thighs & the meat literally fell off the bone & melted in your mouth. The flavor was so unique & savory.
  3. MissionChik
    My kids complained while I was making this but ended up begging me to make more after it was gone! Delicious!
  4. ArianrhodStorm
    Just made this last night. Only difference in what I did was I used Cream of Chicken with Herbs soup, regular cream cheese and ranch mix. I also threw in a few whole garlic cloves.<br/><br/> I'll admit I was concerned - I wasn't sure there was enough moisture to properly cook everything without burning. But the recipe came out wonderful! I'll definitely be making this again!
  5. kappagirl06
    I actually made this for a tinfoil dinner while camping. I used regular cream of chicken soup, regular cream cheese, and used mixed veggies instead of mushrooms. I pounded the chicken breasts until they were about 1/2 inch thick, then layered them on top of cooked rice, sprinkled the veggies on top, and poured the prepared sauce over. I double wrapped it in foil and put the packets in the coals of the campfire for about 20-25 minutes. It was delicious! All the men loved it! And the woman too :)


  1. Noor.Khalid
    I have made this recipe several times already and our household has always enjoyed it. I also appreciate that it's low in fat but certainly not low on taste! Easy to prepare in the crockpot. I have also used 1/2 package of onion soup mix instead of the salad dressing mix and that also comes out very tasty. Thanks for posting!
  2. nycbudgetcook
    This was soooo easy to make and is really quite tasty and satisfying, like a pseudo-comfort food. I followed the recipe except I used half a bag of frozen peas instead of mushrooms, and I used Campbell's 98% fat free condensed cream of chicken, as well as about a half a cup of water. Also, with about one hour or so to go, I shredded the chicken up a little which I think really made the dish even that much better and creamier. Served over farfalle pasta.



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