Slow Cooked Crock Pot Roman Lamb

Recipe by French Tart
READY IN: 9hrs
SERVES: 10-14




  • Bone and dice the legs of lamb into apple size chunks.
  • Drain & chop the lamb's kidneys if using into small dice.
  • Heat up small quantities of olive oil and butter together & brown the lamb pieces over a very high heat until nutty brown and completely sealed. DO NOT overcrowd the pan - take your time!
  • Place the lamb into a crock pot as you brown them.
  • If using the kidneys, brown them quickly over a high heat too & add to the lamb.
  • In a food mixer, mix together the following: anchovies, rosemary leaves - not the branches, the peeled cloves garlic, salt & pepper, balsamic & red wine vinegars & cup of water. Blitz until thoroughly blended & smooth.
  • Add the food mixer blend to the lamb & kidneys in the crockpot. Stir well.
  • Don't worry if the mixture looks too thick - we still have all the lamb juices to cook into it all!
  • Cook on automatic for up to maximum time - 8-12 hours OR on high for 4 hours & then low for up to 6 hours. The meat will be meltingly tender & have made a thinner sauce/gravy.
  • This can be kept warm for up to 2 hours too - and it freezes beautifully!
  • Serve with fresh rosemary garnish and with simple fresh vegetables such as greens & steamed or mashed potatoes.
  • Can also be eaten Summer style with fresh crusty bread or pasta and salad.