Slovak Potato Dumplings With Fried Cabbage

"This is pure comfort food. This was my mother's recipe. I hope you enjoy it."
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  • Dumplings:

  • In a mixing bowl, add grated potatoes, salt and egg. Add flour, mixing well. Add water if dough is stiff. Drop dough from moistened spoon into a kettle of boiling water. Cook partly covered for 7 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionaly. Drain and rinse with cold water.
  • Cabbage:

  • In skillet, saute onions in butter/margarine until golden brown. Add grated cabbage and salt. Cover and fry over low heat stirring occasionaly until tender and golden brown. Add to dumplings, mix well. You may need to add more salt to your taste.

Questions & Replies

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  1. geri43
    How small should you grate the potato?


  1. Merlot
    It just doesn't get any better than this. We love the combination of the cabbage and dumplings. I had some bacon that needed to be used up so I fried the bacon and broke it in pieces to add to this dish. Comfort food at it's best. Thanks for sharing this, Jane from Ohio. A real winner for sure.
  2. spanica
    Delicious! Like the previous reviewer, I had just a bit of bacon that needed to be used. I fried two strips in a large skillet and used the drippings for frying the cabbage. Since I was using the bacon grease, I only used half the butter called for in the recipe, and I probably could have cut it even further. I chopped up the bacon and added it at the end when mixing everything together. This will definitely be added to my cold weather rotation. Thanks for the recipe!
  3. potofcoffee
    I learned how to make this from my mother...but what we do is cook up bacon but save the grease and then cook the cabbage in with the bacon...the potatoes after grating we would squeeze the starch out before adding other ingredients..this has been a family favourite.
  4. Lucky in Bayview
    I have never made or eaten anything like this before. I really liked it and can see why others would consider it comfort food. I wasn't sure how large the dumplings should be and decided to make them about the size of a generous rounded teaspoon. They cooked perfectly in about 8 mins. They were the best dumplings I've ever made, I've never had much luck. I cooked them a little while with the cabbage and really liked the result. It was fun trying something new. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.



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