Saltfish and Ackee

"This is a traditional Jamaican/West Indian breakfast dish that's probably my absolute favorite. My grandma used to cook this on Sunday mornings with fried dumplings, plantains, and callaloo (similar to collard greens). One taste and I'm sure you'll fall in love too! (cook time does not include soaking the fish, which should be at least two hours or longer until it begins to flake apart)"
Saltfish and Ackee created by Moor Driver
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  • Heat oil in a large frying pan on medium high heat (the oil should be enough to just coat the bottom of the pan).
  • Once oil is heated, add in onions. When they start to get soft, add tomatoes, black pepper, and ackee.
  • When ackee just starts to get soft, add in fish and salt if necessary. You may not need to add salt because of the fish which is cured in salt, however, by soaking it, some of the salt flavor (actually most of the salt flavor) is lost.
  • Once fish is clear and cooked through, and the ackee is fork-tender (it should break apart when pierced with fork, but not be really mushy), then your breakfast is done! Serve with ripe fried plantains and fried dumplings for a real treat.
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  1. sweetz917
    this recipe definitely tastes of authentic ackee and saltfish. my only addition was to add a little dried thyme to the ackee, but other than that, this recipe is very tasty.
  2. loveleesmile
    I too grew up on this as my mother is Jamaican as well. Thanks for posting. I added bacon, as that is the way my mother makes it and I am accustomed to eating it that way. Other than that… I did not change a thing. Delicious!!
  3. Moor Driver
    Saltfish and Ackee Created by Moor Driver
  4. Moor Driver
    I really enjoyed this. It's quite comforting, and you're right that the salt cod isn't salty at all. I served mine over johnny cakes for dinner, and we loved it.
  5. Diana 2
    *Believe simply haven't lived,* until you've eaten Ackee & Saltfish. I haven't tired your particular recipe, but I practically grew up on the stuff (minus the tomatoes). I haven't had it in such a long time. Maybe this June, when I go back to Ontario for our daughter's wedding. There are lots of west indian markets there. I don't know of any here in Nova Scotia. I just know I'll be dreaming about this tonight. :yummy:

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