Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

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Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus created by Lavender Lynn
Ready In:
1hr 5mins
4 cups




  • Place the whole peppers in an oven-proof skillet and set them to cook in a preheated 450°F oven. Turn the peppers every 10 minutes. Roast them for approximately 30 minutes or until the skins have blackened. Place the roast peppers directly from the oven into paper bag and seal it closed.
  • Allow the peppers to rest for 10 minutes in the bag, this will loosen their skins. Remove the peppers from the bag and while holding them under cool running water, peel away the black skins and remove the stems and seeds; all that should remain is the flesh of the roast peppers.
  • Combine the roast peppers, chickpeas and garlic in a food processor and puree until smooth. Add the tahini, lemon, paprika, chili powder, cumin, salt and cayenne pepper; puree another minute until the mixture is very smooth.
  • To serve: place the hummus on a large plate that has been lined with lettuce leaves. Make an indentation in the center of the hummus and pour in the olive oil. Sprinkle the parsley across the hummus and serve with flatbread or pita.

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  1. Lavender Lynn
    Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus Created by Lavender Lynn
  2. Bonnie G #2
    This has the texture and flavors of hummus but with the added roasted red pepper (from a jar) and the chili powder and cayenne it has that little extra kick that we so enjoy. Served with crackers and even had a little left over for the next day when the flavors seemed to be even better.
  3. DailyInspiration
    Love the flavor of this hummus. I did cut the recipe back and it still made quite a bit. I used jarred roasted red bell peppers, less of the spices and lemon juice and just tweaked it to our tastes. Loved the bite from the cayenne pepper. Will be serving this with some pita chips.
  4. Jostlori
    Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus Created by Jostlori
  5. Jostlori
    I liked the roasted red pepper in this, but did have to tweak it for our taste. The changes I made were: less chili powder and lemon juice, but more olive oil, roasted red pepper and cayenne. I also thinned it with reserved garbanzo liquid to get to the consistency we wanted. Overall, a good recipe - thanks for posting! For ZWT9.



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