Easy Aromatic Roasted Beets

"Roasting beets before you peel them is so easy, and way less messy. It also lets the natural juices stay in the beet. Cool these and use for salad, or eat warm, either way they are delicious!"
photo by mightyro_cooking4u photo by mightyro_cooking4u
photo by mightyro_cooking4u
Ready In:
1hr 2mins


  • 6 beets, medium, unpeeled
  • olive oil, to taste
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  • Wash beets and remove any green portion from the stem area, but leave the top in tact, clean root end and trim but not too close to the bulb portion of the beet.
  • Wrap each beet in foil and roast in a 400 degree oven for approximately 1 hour (depending on the size of the beets). Test for doneness by inserting a paring knife into the beet.
  • Remove from oven and let stand for a few minutes. Unwrap, and use a paring knife to gently peel the skin away.
  • Cut into pieces and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper.

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  1. Very easy and delicious way to use fresh beets. I used 4 large beets and they turned out equally well with the hour cooking time. they peeled like a dream.<br/>I do not like my veggies mushy and these were perfect! The olive oil drizzle on them was the best. Thanks for a great idea for fresh beets.
  2. Easy, Easy! Love it
  3. I love this simple way to roast beets. Once cooked, I don't even bother peeling them - no need to waste the skin.
  4. This was my first time roasting beets, and I chose this recipe based on its simple method/simple ingredients. It worked very well on my tiny beets. I made packets of 2-3 tiny beets, and roasted the packets for about 35 minutes. <br/><br/>Then I opened the packets, cooled the beets, and then attempted to peel the beets. I ended up having to cut the peel off with a paring knife, which was messy and wasteful, alas. <br/><br/>I read elsewhere that peeling beets while they are warm makes them much easier to peel, and will try that next time.<br/><br/>In the meantime--these were great! Thank you for posting.
  5. Easy delicious beets. Made for PAC.


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