Rhubarb Oatmeal Bars

"A delicious rhubarb bar, great for the first rhubarb of the season, or to use up the last. I have found that cooking the rhubarb in half water half fruit juice (I've used orange or pineapple) enhances the flavour nicely."
photo by fluffystew photo by fluffystew
photo by fluffystew
Ready In:
24 bars




  • Crust: Combine all ingredients until crumbly.
  • Pat half of mixture into 13x9" baking pan and bake for about 20 minutes before pouring filling on top.
  • Filling: In saucepan combine rhubarb, sugar, cornstarch and water.
  • Cook until clear.
  • Blend in vanilla.
  • Pour over baked crust.
  • Sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture.
  • Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.

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  1. Really outstanding, easy, and delicious. (I used about 4 cups of rhubarb because that's what I had, and it worked great.) Be sure to let it cool completely before cutting into bars; otherwise it slumps onto your plate. When cool it has the structural integrity of a regular cookie.
  2. My rhubarb plant is going gangbusters and I've been looking for new recipes to make with it - this one was a really good find. My notes I made on the recipe were that I used pecans for the nuts (I like their richness) and I didn?t add the vanilla to the crust (I forgot and it was still delicious), I cut down the sugar to 1 cup - we like our rhubarb to be lip smacking tangy. I think this will be a go-to rhubarb recipe for us as we are all really enjoying it. It's good with ice cream, but I like it plain - it's superb all by itself!
  3. I followed the recipe as written and turned out wonderful. Easy to follow and tastes great. A keeper.Thanks for posting this recipe.
  4. I am new to rhubarb, so I reduced the sugar in the filling to 1 cup. I figured I could add more if I needed to, but it was perfect. I almost abandoned the bar recipe and ate all the filling with a spoon! I used pecans in the crust. I will definitely make these again! I am not usually a fan of rhubarb, but I’ve been experimenting with different recipes. This one is a keeper!
  5. These are really good. Sweet and tart at the same time. Make sure they cool or you will need to eat them with a fork.


  1. In my crust mixture I added coconut. It was delicious. This is a great recipe. Love it!
  2. I added about 4 cups of rhubarb
  3. I have only given this 3 stars because I've changed it considerably and haven't tasted it yet! <br/><br/>So I was looking for a recipe to use with the fresh rhubarb growing in my yard and came across this one. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I was looking for one that made enough to fill a 9 X 13 pan and I liked the idea of nuts in the crust. I'm also looking to convert my DH to a rhubarb fan. <br/>After reading the reviews I decided to incorporate a few of the changes suggested starting with substituting 1/2 the shortening with butter. I prepared the crust in my 7c. food processor beginning with chopping whole pecans. I then just added the rest of the crust ingredients and pulsed until it was crumbly. <br/>As is all too common when I began making the filling I veered off the recipe substantially. After cooking the 3 c. of rhubarb it didn't seem like enough filling so I decided to clean and slice the 1lb. of fresh strawberries I had on hand. I added them to the pot with the hot rhubarb mixture. I knew the strawberries would add a considerable amount of water so based on comments from other reviewers, I added a small package of sugar free strawberry gelatin and continued to let it boil while stirring for 1 minute to ensure the gelatin was completely dissolved. I then poured the mixture over the crust, added the rest of the crumble and baked 20 minutes. <br/><br/>It's cooling now and looks fantastic. I figure I'm going to need to let it cool completely to allow the gelatin to set before cutting. I'll come back and let you all know how it turns out.
  4. Wonderful bars! Instead of shortening I used butter, I also replaced the water with cherry juice for the chopped nuts I used pecans. Fabulous and delicious! Thank you for posting!
  5. Had limited ingredients on hand so had to find a recipe that matched what I had - this was the closest. I substituted butter for shortening, and I was out of nuts so I stole my husband's snack - salted sunflower seeds. I made the rhubarb mixture in the microwave and used M Sheffert's tip to add the orange zest. Enjoyed by all! The sunflower seeds worked out really well - I think I will include them next time (or maybe in combination with nuts).



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