Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits Copycat

"These are copycats of the delicious "Cheddar Bay Biscuits" served at Red Lobster."
photo by Ashley Cuoco photo by Ashley Cuoco
photo by Ashley Cuoco
photo by Ashley Cuoco photo by Ashley Cuoco
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photo by Ashley Cuoco photo by Ashley Cuoco
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Ready In:
15 biscuits




  • Heat oven to 450 degrees.
  • Mix bisquick, milk and cheese until a soft dough forms.
  • Drop by spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
  • Bake 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Mix butter or margarine and garlic powder.
  • Brush mixture over warm biscuits before removing from cookie sheet.

Questions & Replies

  1. How many cups is 1 and 1/4 lbs of Bisquick?


  1. I've made this recipe several times and I'm amazed how closely it tastes to the biscuits at Red Lobster. However I am always surprised why people tell you how much they like the recipe (five stars) and then tell you how they changed the recipe! Come on, it's no longer a copycat recipe at this point. This doesn't mean I might not try their suggestions in the future but if I review a recipe it will be based on the exact recipe.<br/><br/>Read more:
  2. Yummo! .. Used almost a cup of half n half cuz that's what I had. Used garlic salt instead of garlic pwdr in the butter and even dusted the biscuits lightly with the garlic salt before popping in the oven. I doubled the cheddar. I added parsley flakes to the garlic/butter and drenched the biscuits just out of the oven. These should be called "Disappearing" cheddar biscuits!!!!
  3. Delish! I added 1/4 cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese. Used fresh garlic instead of powder and sprinkled garlic salt over the top after I brushed with the butter mixture. I don't know why it just sounded like a good idea =P
  4. I made these tonight to go with my dinner but I found them quite blah. I think next time I will add some Old Bay seasoning in the biscuits, more cheese and some more seasoning in the butter mixture too. Thank you for sharing, I will make again, just spruce it up a bit for our taste.
  5. One word: Evil! Instead of Bisquick, Jiffy was used and it was amazing! 10 stars if I could. :)


  1. Excellent!!...have made 3 batches and replaced bisquick with this homemade recipe: 6c. flour...3tbs. baking powder...1tbs. salt...3/4c. shortening. Pulse in blender to texture of cornmeal. Keep in fridge or freezer and use as directed in any recipes calling for bisquick. I also add a tbs. of vinegar or lemon juice to the milk for buttermilk biscuits.
  2. I added less garlic powder and a little bit of Old Bay
  3. Chives
  4. I added a pinch to 1/4 tsp of Old Bay seasoning too this.
  5. I love these, but I always add chopped jalapenos!


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