Quick Banana Pudding

"I got the recipe from a co-worker several years ago. It is so easy and has a wonderful creamy taste. It is very rich, though, so a little goes a long way. It does make a large dish, so be sure to use large dishes when you go to make this. Cook time is actually chill time."
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Ready In:
2hrs 10mins




  • Layer bananas and vanilla wafers in a large casserole or trifle dish.
  • Combine pudding, cool whip, condensed milk, and milk.
  • Blend with mixer for 5 minutes, then pour over bananas and wafers.
  • Chill.

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  1. I finally had the chance to remake this now that you have made the corrections to the recipe. We really liked it! It wasn't overly sweet and it set up very nicely. I liked the fluffy consistancy and I will most definately make this again and again. I am glad I decided to give it another try! Thanks for posting it!
  2. Wonderful pudding! I was out of cool whip so I whipped up about 8 oz. of heavy cream before adding the pudding, condensed milk and regular milk to it (in fact I think I like using the heavy cream better than cool whip and will do it this way next time I make this pudding also). This recipe may have been edited after the last review because I used 2 (3 oz) boxes of instant pudding without any problems. Everything set in no time at all. Thanks Jellyqueen for posting this keeper recipe that we will be having often.
  3. Easy, delicious, wonderful, and now a favorite!
  4. I made this for my husband that loves bananna pudding and he loved it!!
  5. Like one of the other reviewers, I used two 3oz packages of pudding. This made it very thick, almost slicable, and very sweet. It was outstanding and my picky husband said, "This is what banana pudding SHOULD be!" I have no doubt it would be equally good with only one package of pudding; I was worried that it would be too thin as the pudding called for less milk than the recipe did. Next time, I'll add the second package of pudding, and also double the cool whip.


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