Pool Party Cake

READY IN: 1hr 40mins
YIELD: 1 cake




  • Preparation:
  • You’ll want to get all of your ingredients prepped! This includes your two 9” vanilla cakes, pineapple curd, buttercream, uncooked spaghetti, fondant in three shades and candy melts for decorating details. I used Swiss meringue buttercream for this recipe for the mini pineapples and the decorated cake. You’ll want the buttercream colors in yellow, green, and two colors of your choice.
  • Pro tip: at least for the top of the cake, go for either white or blue so the pool stands out.
  • Fill, crumb coat and frost cake:
  • Get ready to fill and stack the cake. In this case, I’ll use alternating pineapple curd and buttercream.
  • Pro tip: alternating between curd and buttercream stabilizes the next cake layer.
  • Decorate by adding stripes:
  • You can achieve these stripes with a frosting comb. First, Apply frosting with your first color. Second, go around the cake 3 times with the frosting comb. Third, Add the second color and scrape off excess frosting!
  • Start adding the pineapple border:
  • Note: Pipe even dots around the border of the cake using your favorite tip. Here I’m using a Wilton 32 tip. Finish the pineapple by adding the green leaves on the pineapple.
  • Pipe pineapple greens using a Wilton 352s tip in green of your choice.
  • Create the pool:
  • Mix corn syrup and your favorite blue and spread across the cake.
  • Create your fantastic Pool Party flamingoes:
  • Start melting your candy melts for the beak, eyes and wings.
  • You can use any non-frosted donuts for the body of the flamingoes.
  • Prep three donuts in 3 different shades of pink fondant.
  • Mold your flamingo heads and tails using fondant.
  • Insert spaghetti. Dip nose into white candy melts. Dip nose into black candy melts and eyes.
  • Pro tip: you’ll want to make sure no one eats the spaghetti but they’re safer than sticks in your cake because they’re food safe!
  • Placing your flamingoes:
  • Start placing your fondant-covered donuts on the cake where you'd like.
  • Insert flamingo heads and tail.
  • Create flamingo wings.
  • Add wings to flamingo pool floatie.