Pineapple Infused After Dinner Drink (Pineapple-Cello)

Recipe by Chef #1450612
READY IN: 2mins




  • Remove top from pineapple and discard. Remove bottom and cut into chunks to fit into jar. Cut skin off pineapple in strips narrow enough to fit in jar. Core pineapple and reserve core. Save the pineapple for dessert and put the scraps into the jar. Quarter the lemon and add to jar, along with the knob of ginger. Cover with the alcohol and screw lid tightly. Put the jar somewhere cool and dark and let it set for at least 2 weeks, the longer the better. When you are ready, pour the contents through a cheesecloth lined strainer and discard the scraps, although the ginger is still good for another batch or for cooking, like pickled ginger. Combine sugar and water and bring to a boil for 5 or so minutes. Let syrup cool, add to alcohol, put in jar and store in freezer til ready to serve. Tastes like pineapple KoolAid, you'll never know it's alcohol til it hits home, so to speak. Absolutely a pineapple-lovers dram.