Recipe by kitelady
READY IN: 40mins
SERVES: 1-24




  • Hard boil as many eggs as you would like Penguins.
  • Clean a "fat" carrot (first removing the green) and cut about an inch off the carrot from the top.
  • Cut a notch (upside-down V,) in front and in back of the carrot . Your carrot now looks like penguin feet.
  • After your eggs have cooled, peel the shell off.
  • Take a long toothpick and put it into the center of the "feet".
  • Slip the cooled hard boiled egg onto the toothpick, wide side down.
  • Slip a short toothpick, through the egg. About half way up the egg.
  • Cut a "beak" from a leftover piece of carrot
  • Make a small nick in the middle of a jumbo pitted black olive and push the carrot (beak) into the olive.
  • Place the olive on top of the toothpick, sticking out of the body, he now has a head!
  • Get another black pitted olive and cut it in half.
  • Place each half onto the "arms" of the short toothpick, penguin flippers!
  • They look great in the middle of a plate of Deviled Eggs.
  • No two penguins look alike and everyone loves them.
  • Get creative, give them a scarf or cut the beak so that it's open".
  • (Safety Note) Watch the toothpicks around kids, they will want to eat the penguins.
  • (Second Safety Note) Watch the adults too.