Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs (Technique)

"No fail! Never undercook or overcook your eggs again. I came across this method in my search to avoid the ugly green cast that yolks take on when overcooked. Add on a couple minutes to soak time if you use Jumbo eggs."
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Ready In:
12 eggs




  • Put eggs in large pot.
  • Cover with water so that there is at least an inch of water above the eggs.
  • Add a pinch of salt.
  • Turn on heat (med high) and heat, uncovered, to a boil.
  • If you have more than a single layer of eggs, you may want to stir them occasionally (gently!) while they heat.
  • Once the water comes to a boil, watch your clock and let it boil for 2 minutes.
  • Remove pot from the heat and cover with lid.
  • Let sit, covered, for 11 minutes.
  • Drain and cool eggs for 2 minutes in ice water.

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  1. I always used this method after seeing it on Emeril. He said "remember LUCKY 13". 2 minutes of boiling, then 11 minutes sitting in covered pot. Then immediate to ice cold water, which shrinks the egg away from its outer peel, making it easier to peel them flawlessly.
  2. Seems everyone has their own way to do hard-boiled eggs! I was making an egg salad and I forgot how long I was supposed to cook my eggs, so I searched Zaar and came up with your method (I had X-tra large eggs and you mentioned a time for jumbo eggs). I never added a pinch of salt before and never boiled for just 2 mins and let sit covered & timed. I let my X-tra lg. eggs sit for 13 mins and well, they came out perfect. I even had my 2yr old and 4yr old peel them without any problems, so I know this is a good method. I've added this to my cookbook and it will be the only way I make hard boiled eggs from now on. Thanks DangerBun!
  3. I couldn't give this recipe any stars. I tried it, and it took me 45 min. to get the shells off. I read the reviews that others had made, and I feel that it is possible that my eggs were not fresh, altho the freshness date is 3 weeks away. In order to not bring Danger's ratings down, I will only comment.
  4. To me they were undercooked since the centers of the yokes were wet. But, they weren't so bad that I could use them. While they were still warm, they were very easy to peel. Once they had been in the refrigerator for a day, they stuck some. Thanks for sharing but I think I'll go back to my old method.
  5. I had no idea that the green color was from over boiling! This is a great tip. Thanks a million!


  1. This is an AWESOME perfect boiled egg recipe. Shocking in cold water w ice immediately after the soak time helps shrink the egg away from the shell. But using eggs that have sat in your fridge for a couple of weeks ensures super easy peeling!
  2. Not a thing, I followed it to the letter.


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