Smoky Hard Boiled Eggs

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photo by alenafoodphoto photo by alenafoodphoto
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  • Hard boil the eggs.
  • Let cool or run under water to cool then peel.
  • Add eggs and soy sauce and liquid smoke together in shallow container. Cover and refrigerate.
  • Rotate eggs occasionally till all sides brown.
  • Enjoy.

Questions & Replies

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  1. edoconell8
    My question is what do you to eggs after taking them out of liquid?Do you rinse them or pat them with paper towels.How long do you soak them?
  2. Tracy S.
    If you leave them in the liquid overnite, should you drain them if you want to use them in a couple of days?


  1. grumblebee
    Awesome recipe with a nice, slightly smokey and salty taste! :) Here is a neat trick to make the eggs look pretty for serving: Leave the eggs in their shells after they are hard boiled, then tap the shells against a hard surface to crack all over (but LEAVE THE SHELL ON). Once cracked, place the eggs in the soy sauce mixture and let soak. The eggs will still absorb the flavours but when you take of the shells to serve they will have a pretty marbled effect all over! (check out my photo) :)
  2. Billy J.
    Turned out perfect, I did it as the reviewer said & cracked the shell but left it on while the egg soaked in the sauces, 2-3 hrs. is best to really taste the flavors once peeled. I took a pic so let me see if I can add it to the other ones on here.
  3. gailanng
    My son-in-law said, "You can MAKE smoked eggs?!" Well, someone does, dear, and it may as well be me!
  4. Peter J
    Really tasty and simple! I'd say for anyone else cooking you probably want to count on turning occasionally over an hour or two for the best results, I think they would really need 30 minutes at least, but it is no hassle just don't start them at the last minute, the results are worth it!
  5. Bonnie G #2
    Love the smoky flavor this adds to the eggs, going to be great with egg salad sandwiches, breakfast or just snacking.
    • Review photo by Bonnie G #2


  1. renetwk
    I used black tea instead of liquid smoke and cracked egg shell after hard boiled. Terrific



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