Peach Blossoms

"these are very moist and munchy, and I have to thank my friend Tina for this recipe. She told me the "secrets" about making good Peach blossoms. Bit strange, not a peach in site :) These will last for days in the fridge, without going gooey or hard. Dont put the cream in until you are ready to serve. Mock cream is the better choice if you have to travel. I make my cupcakes with cheap yellow cake mix, but you can use any recipe you like for them. (Zaar wouldn't let me say that in the ingredients)"
photo by mummamills photo by mummamills
photo by mummamills
Ready In:
24 blossoms


  • 24 cupcakes
  • 2 (85 g) packets raspberry jelly
  • 500 g coconut, desicated (not sweetened or shredded)
  • whipped cream or mock cream
  • 1 tablespoon raspberry jam (oppt)


  • make up the cupcake mix.
  • cook in either muffin pans, or tart pans. (the tart pans will give you more "rounded" peach blossoms). Dont use paper liners, just spray with Non-stick spray.
  • when cool, freeze the cupcakes.
  • make up the 2 packs of Jelly using 2 cups of boiling water. Use a jug to do this, as it makes it easier to "dip" the cakes.
  • put in the fridge, ( stir every 10-15 mins) and when it is the consistency of egg whites, your ready to BLOSSOM.
  • Put the coconut in a baking tray, take out the frozen cakes.
  • using a fork, dip the frozen cupcakes in the jelly, let the excess drip off, and then roll in coconut.
  • keep in the fridge, and when ready to serve, make a slice in the blossom, and pipe in whipped cream or mock cream.
  • put a tiny bit of raspberry jam on the cream.
  • serve with pride!

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  1. This is a very eye-appealing treat. I made these for a work potluck, and they were quite the conversation piece. Many people said the flavor and appearance was reminiscant of Raspberry Zingers made by Hostess. They agreed the whipped cream truly topped the deal! Yum! (Made for AUS/NZ Recipe Swap #37)
  2. Made these as part of a collection of muffins/cupcakes to set out as 'lure' during a park-wide garage sale & they were very well received! I kept them on ice until someone wanted one & then did the finishing touches then & there, while leaving the selling & money-changing to my other half! These are a nice change of pace from the usual cupcakes! [Tagged, made & reviewed for one of my swapmates in the Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #33]



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