Papa's Seafood Gumbo

READY IN: 4hrs
SERVES: 30-35
YIELD: 10 gallons




  • Make a roe with the oil and flour in a skillet. Add more of either flour or oil as necessary. It should be a medium dark brown, and a thin syrup. You should have approximately 3 cups of roe when finished.
  • Add celery, garlic and onions to the roe and cook until translucent. Pour this into a very large 20 gallon stock pot.
  • Add white wine, and approximately 1 gallon water. Add more as necessary, this is hard to measure but it should be about 2/3 water and 1/3 wine.
  • In your original skillet, brown the sausage. Add this to the pot.
  • Add seasonings to taste.
  • Boil for 1-2 hours on medium high. When it starts to smell good, you know you are starting to get there. Start tasting at this point and add more seasonings as necessary.
  • Add okra and oysters.
  • Let cook for another 40 minutes or so.
  • Add shrimp and crab.
  • Let cook until shrimp is pink.
  • Serve over white rice.