Panettone di Milano

Recipe by Dee514
READY IN: 2hrs 5mins


  • 5
    cups pastry flour
  • 1
    envelope yeast
  • 2
    teaspoons lukewarm water (for yeast)
  • 12 - 1
    cup lukewarm water (to add to flour in 2 additions)
  • 14
    teaspoon salt
  • 34
    cup butter, melted
  • 4
    egg yolks (at room temp.)
  • 2
    eggs (at room temp.)
  • 1
    cup sugar
  • 12
    cup lukewarm water (to add to eggs, and sugar)
  • 23
    cup seedless raisin (I use the golden ones)
  • 12
    cup orange rind, cut into small pieces (** can use 1/2 cup candied citron OR 1/4 cup citron + 1/4 cup orange peel instead)
  • 12
    tablespoon butter (*divided if making 2 loaves)
  • parchment paper (to line baking sheets)


  • This cake should be started the day before the actual baking (or very early on the same day).
  • Sift and measure flour.
  • Blend yeast with 2 teaspoons warm water and let stand 5 minutes.
  • Add yeast mixture to 1/2 cup flour and mix well.
  • Make a little ball of dough out of the flour/yeast mixture.
  • Place the dough in a bowl, in a warm place for 2 hours.
  • When ball of dough has doubled in size, place 2 cups pastry flour on a pasty board, place yeast dough in the middle, add enough lukewarm water to make a soft pliable ball and knead carefully.
  • Cover well and let stand in a warm place for 3 hours.
  • Place 1 cup pastry flour on board, add yeast dough and enough lukewarm water to make a soft pliable ball of dough and knead well.
  • Let stand in warm place for 2 hours.
  • When dough has risen again, place 1 1/2 cups flour on pastry board, add dough, salt and melted butter and knead together well.
  • Beat together egg yolks, whole eggs, sugar and 1/2 cup lukewarm water.
  • Beat until frothy.
  • Add to dough a little at a time, kneading constantly until everything is well absorbed.
  • Add raisins and peel and knead well to distribute fruit evenly.
  • You can make 1 large panettone, or loaf, or 2 small ones.
  • If you wish to make two, divide dough in half and shape.
  • Let the shaped dough rise in a warm place for 4 to 6 hours (depending on the heat in your kitchen).
  • The loaf or loaves should be double their original size, and the dough should be very soft to the touch.
  • Make a cross mark with a sharp knife on the top of each loaf, and place loaf on buttered paper on a baking sheet.
  • Place in a preheated, hot oven (400°F) for 5 minutes.
  • Remove from oven quickly, and place a 1/2 tablespoon butter* in the center of the cross mark; (*if making 2 loaves, use 1/4 Tablespoon in each loaf).
  • Return to oven and bake at 400°F for 15 minutes.
  • Lower heat to 375°F, and continue baking 45 minutes, or longer, depending on the size of the loaf.
  • Remove from oven and cool on a rack.
  • This cake keeps fresh a long time, stored in a plastic bag.
  • Its not necessary to keep it refrigerated.