Pan De Sal

"Tasty, soft, rich, moist, medium fluffy Filipino PandeSal (sweeter than commercial pandesal), tasty dinner roll"
photo by lynnvince photo by lynnvince
photo by lynnvince
Ready In:
2hrs 15mins
34 pcs




  • Prepare 1 cup milk 1/4 cup water -microwave for 45secs enough to be lukewarm .
  • add 2 tsp  yeast, add 2Tbsp sugar, allow yeast to ferment& bubble.
  • *add  Wet ingredient first to breadmaker .
  • add 5Tbsp butter or coconut oil.
  • add 1Tbsp vegetable or olive oil.
  • add 1 egg - wisk and mix altogether the wet ingredients.
  • prepare&mix Dry ingredients below then add to Wet mix.
  • 4cups AllPurpose flour or Bread Flour.
  • 1cup sugar.
  • 1/2 tsp salt.
  • -use breadmaker #Dough setting for 1hr30m includes 1st rise/proofing, may open during resting phase to scrape ingredients sticking to the sides.
  • -after 1st rise is done, line clean counter w dry flour, remove dough from breadmaker, punch air out.
  • -lay flat and cut into two lengthwise.
  • -roll diagonally to make two log rolls .
  • -cut into 1inch or 1.5 oz portions and fold and seal under like a siopao/bun.
  • -brush with melted butter.
  • -roll in bread crumbs, line in tray w parchment paper.
  • - do 2nd rise/proofing in oven preheated at 200F and turned off, place a pan of hot boiled water, let rise for 20mins.
  • -preheat oven to 350F, bake for 12mins, turn tray, bake for 3mins more.
  • -let cool in cooling rack.
  • - serve 30-34small pcs.
  • - if stuffed for meatroll, extend 2mins and 2mins each side.

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as a child i don?t usually like sweets and chocolates. and moreso anything starchy... not even a fan of bread of any kind. as i?m growing older, desserts that stand out like cheesecake, banana bread, french macaron happens to be my favorite thus my desire to learn how to bake them. Hopefully in the near future i will learn how ?to cook main entrees. When i bake i try to avoid sugar and starch, i always hope to find better healthier options to substitute.?
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