Palmiers (French Puff Pastry Cookies)

"Light, buttery, cripsy, sweet french cookie. Takes a little effort the first time through but it's rather fast when you get the hang of it and it looks like you spent forever on them. I saw Palmiers (palm-yay) in a local Costco and I was curious because they looked so good. So I went hunting up a recipe and I was shocked it was not on the Zaar. I ate half of them before they cooled, my mom ate one then left because she said she'd finish the rest if she stayed. The yield is according to the package size I bought, it can vary. So can the cooking time. I dare you to try this cookie out!"
photo by DianaEatingRichly photo by DianaEatingRichly
photo by DianaEatingRichly
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photo by DianaEatingRichly photo by DianaEatingRichly
photo by DianaEatingRichly photo by DianaEatingRichly
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Ready In:
50 cookies




  • Thaw out puff pastry, but make sure it stays chilled. You want it pliable (chill it again if it gets warm and sticky). Puff pastry should already be 1/8 inch thick – if not, roll it out to that thickness.
  • If your pastry cracks you can seal it together with a little water and your finger.
  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  • Line cookie sheets with parchment paper, or a section from a brown paper bag to fit.
  • Spread SUGAR on the counter like you would flour to roll out dough.
  • Lay out one sheet of pastry (keep 2nd sheet in fridge for now). Sprinkle the top with sugar as if you were rolling the dough out.
  • Take the two sides of dough and fold them in towards each other halfway to the center and press down lightly.
  • Then take the folded edges and fold them in to meet in the center. Then fold them together like closing a book, it should look like a U shape.
  • Cut into 3/8 inch slices with a sharp knife and place on cookie sheet.
  • Sprinkle with a light coating of sugar and place in the oven for 6 to 7 minutes.
  • Work on the second sheet at this time.
  • Pull out and turn cookies over and sprinkle that side. Bake 3-5 minutes more or until center is done and edges are golden.
  • Transfer to wire racks to cool, then store in an airtight container.
  • Optional items: Use cinnamon sugar in place of sugar.
  • The glaze can be drizzled over the top to finish it off.

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  1. These have a simple taste; cinnamon sugar is a must! They are beautiful for something different on a cookie plate. Rolling the edges works better than 'folding'. I had difficulty slicing them too; ended up using string to cut them like my Grandma always did when making cinnamon rolls. I've never heard of Palmiers and they didn't turn out quite like the photos here. But they're good! Be prepared for them to spread quite a lot in the oven; works better to refrigerate the cookie sheet of prepared cookies before baking.
  2. HA! Did the white sugar on the bottom & cinnamon sugar on the top - rolled & chilled overnight in anticipation of an early guest. Even cut the parchment paper ahead of time - LOL. Sliced, cooked 7 minutes, flipped (had my doubts b/c the looked really floppy just as friend arrived) & cooked an additional 5 minutes. Crispy, sugary perfection with mugs of fresh rich coffee! Utter and complete success! Thanks for making me look so good when I am far too busy with seeding to cook! TYTYTYTTY! Will always keep this one around!<br/>ps - neighbors were outside so I joined them with a plate of crispy sugary goodness - they were pretty darned impressed as well!
  3. I make this recipe all the time, sometimes I add a very thin layer of really good jam before I roll the puff pastry. It makes a beautiful flavored cookie. So good!
  4. If you like palmiers then this is a good, no brainer recipe. I modified it a little, however. I put sugar on the cutting board and laid the puff dough on top to fully coat the underside. On the top I used cinnamon sugar before rolling up the pastry. All in all these are great palmiers and super simple to make.
  5. I love these. I bake all the time and sometimes it's really great to have a tasty easy treat that looks and tastes beautiful. It's not cheating is it?


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