Oysters Mornay

"I posted a recipe for Oysters Kilpatrick a while ago, so I thought I would post one for Mornay, I have to say kilpatrick are probably my favourite, but mornay are very good. I think it just depends on personal preference and tastes. I will post a recipe for 4 as a starter, when I make oysters I like to make half kilpatrick and half mornay. It was my sisters birthday on the weekend and this in one of the dishes I did, my sis has never eaten an oyster and always proclaimed yuk. Well we managed to convince her to try a mornay one, she loved it and so decided to also try the kilpatrick, she couldn't believe she had been missing out on something so good for so long."
photo by Chef floWer photo by Chef floWer
photo by Chef floWer
photo by Peter J photo by Peter J
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photo by The Flying Chef photo by The Flying Chef
photo by The Flying Chef photo by The Flying Chef
Ready In:




  • Prep time is for oysters already halved.
  • Heat milk in a pan, when hot, mix a little water with cornflour, add to milk and stir until mixture thickens, it should be quite a thick consistency.
  • Add Gruyere and 2 tablespoons Parmesan stir until cheese has melted.
  • Pour rock salt into an oven proof dish enough to cover the bottom, helps oysters to sit evenly, place oysters in dish, spoon sauce over oysters to cover, sprinkle remaining Parmesan cheese over each oyster (note: 2 Tablespoons approx enough to cover.).
  • Grill Oysters until browned and bubbling.

Questions & Replies

  1. If a grill is not available, can I do these in an oven or broiler?


  1. These were beautiful and as much as I enjoy Oysters Kilpatrick I preferred these, my girlfriend agreed and raved about them. Looking at the recipe at first I thought maybe they would be a little plain without pepper or other seasonings but the oyster liquor blended wonderfully with the mornay and they were packed with flavour.
  2. Yum! Hubby and I love Oysters, I like mine natural (raw) and hubby likes his cooked normally with some sort of sauce (his favourite is Thai Red Chilli Sauce). We both really enjoyed these oysters, it was creamy and full of flavour. Thank you so much for posting your wonderful recipe The Flying Chef.
  3. I scaled this recipe down to two serves as we only have two oyster eaters in the house. They both loved them and thank you for the recipe. I did however change the mornay to the way i usually make it. I find that if you make a roux with the butter and cornflour the cornflour taste cooks out. Otherwise made as written. We have two very happy oyster lovers here tonight!!!


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