Oven Baked Onion Rings

"I love onion rings but try to stay away from deep fried foods. These are exceptionally good. This recipe serves 4 but I'll bet 2 can go through the lot of them. This is not my original recipe and I can't remember who to give credit to, but thanks to someone. enjoy!Try using Panko Crumbs- Don't worry if they are not completed coate the crunch will still be there"
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photo by Swirling F.
photo by Swirling F. photo by Swirling F.
photo by Swirling F. photo by Swirling F.
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  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Spray a cookie sheet with lite olive oil or other veggie oil.
  • Mix bread crumbs, oregano & cayenne (mix these ingredients on a sheet of wax paper it will make the next step easier).
  • Dip onion rings into the milk and allow the excess to drip back into the bowl.
  • Dip into the crumb mixture.
  • They won't be fully coated, don't worry they will still have a crunch (especially with Panko crumbs).
  • Place onion rings in a single layer on the cookie sheet.
  • Bake onion rings until the crumbs are golden and the onions are soft (approx 30 minutes).
  • Sprinkle with salt & pepper and then serve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Elizabeth D.
    Can someone please tell me how to remove this recipe from my "saved"? It honestly was not very good at all. The breadcrumbs did not stick to the onions, not even a little bit.


  1. Kat2355
    I was apprehensive about trying these as I thought I'd be too used to deep-fried. These were great! Next time, I'm going to try adding a bit of cornmeal with the crumbs.
  2. KeyWee
    Even though I love deep-fried onion rings, they don't always agree with me. NOW I can eat as many o-rings as I want - these are great! I had Italian-flavored bread crumbs on hand so used those instead of plain and cut down a little on the salt. The cayenne pepper adds a "kick". Not a big oregano fan but this blended well with the other flavors. Thanks, Bergy (again!).
  3. Derf2440
    Wow, these onion rings are as good as any we've ever had, really enjoyed them. they had a nice little kick to them. I followed Kat's lead and added a little cornmeal to the bread crumbs, it made them quite crunchy and delicious. Used walla Walla sweet onions, DH couldn't get enough of them and has already asked that we make them again soon. Thanks for sharing Bergy, can't figure how I left them in my cookbook for so long without trying them, now I have we will be having them often.
  4. arnie6068
    Followed this recipe to the "T" and there were many things I didn't understand for instance , how does 1/4 c bread crumbs cover 2 onions also with only 2 tbls. milk, and very little bread crumbs stick to the onions after dipping, The flavor isn't too bad but after 30 min the onions are done but not crispy. To Derf if these are the best onion rings you ever ate........ you don't get out enough.
  5. samuel
    I took to advice of another reviewer and added a little grated parmesan to the bread mixture. The recipe was easy to put together and the flavor was very good. I will definitely be making these again.


  1. Max Spiker
    tweak - see above...
  2. Chef PotPie
    Comfort food CAN be low fat, and this recipe proves it! We were happily amazed at the taste and texture of these onion rings! I had a huge Walla Walla Sweet, so only cut up about 1/3 of it. My slices were about 1/2-3/8" thick, and this worked out perfectly with the 30 minute cooking time. After reading the reviews here's what I did: I dipped the rings in egg substitute, then in the mixture of the plain bread crumbs - very fine, (I had NO luck with the panko sticking), packed the crumb mixture on well, plunked them down on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, and here's where I think it made a difference for the whole look and crunch, I sprayed them lightly all over with cooking spray. Husband is still raving about how great they were, and daughter's boyfriend only got to smell them cooking when he came to pick her up, so has requested them next time he's here for dinner! Another keeper and family pleaser from Bergy! Thanks!
  3. Carla C.
    Very Good! I did take danlynclark's advice and added egg white (to keep recipe low-fat)to the milk mixture to help the breadcrumb mixture stick to the onions. I added italian herbs, Mrs. Dash Tomato Garlic & Basil and salt instead of the cayenne pepper. I suppose nearly anything could be added to suit one's flavor prefrence. Thank you for posting this recipe.


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