One-Dish Microwave Spaghetti

"Quick and easy comfort food. Complete meal on it's own, but garlic bread and a tossed salad make great additions."
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  • Crumble ground beef into a microwave-safe casserole; add garlic salt& onion.
  • Microwave on high until no longer pink (about 4 minutes); stirring once.
  • Drain; stir to break meat into smaller pieces.
  • Add tomato sauce, water, mushrooms, remaining seasonings and spaghetti.
  • Cover with casserole lid; microwave for 10-12 minutes or until spaghetti is tender, stirring twice.
  • Let stand 5 minutes, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Emma A.
    Are you really only using a quarter of a pound spaghetti for a full size jar of sauce and that’s supposed to feed four people? I think I’m going to have to pass on this recipe because there’s no way those measurements can be right. So who knows what else is wrong.


  1. christopherkaya
    Since I can't cook hamburger in my apartment without the smoke detector going off. My primary goal was to cook the hamburger with ingredients in the microwave oven. This was my first time doing such a thing. The time was nine minutes on the hamburger. But! I boiled the pasta on the stove. Cooked the sauce in the microwave along with the hamburger and everything fell into place for a good meal.
  2. AmericanLithuanianm
    ADJUST time and amount of pasta and YUM! After other reviews, used 1/2 # of thin spaghetti. Microwaved 10 minutes, covered, stirred, vented one side and cooked 10 minutes more. Allowed to sit for 5 minutes. GREAT!
  3. Liza at
    Easy peasy...loved it!
  4. utawkin2me
    Sorry, but I wasn't a fan. I went for convenience and time over flavor. I followed this recipe EXACTLY and it was like Spaghetti Soup. Why 19 1/2 ounces of water? I had to fish the meat, mushrooms and noodles out of the watery sauce. And I needed way more cooking time than the recipe asked for as well. I can say that after setting for a day, it was slightly better the next day--maybe the noodles had time to absorb some of the water? I won't make this again, and I recommend it only if you are in an extreme time crunch as I was.
    Was good. Not fantastic, but fast and I LOVE that. I hate to cook pasta, so anytime I can get away without having to boil the water & the whole 9 yards, I am happy. It was a little watery even afte microwaving for almost 20 minutes. It took that long for the spaghetti to soften up. Will use agian if in a time pinch.



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