Old Fashion Peanut Butter Roll

"It is an old fashion recipe, and takes a little time but, is absolutely worth it."
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Ready In:
1 roll




  • First beat 3 egg whites until stiff.
  • Prepare the surface to roll out the candy. Cover the surface with wax paper and spread a thick layer of powdered sugar.
  • Next mix all ingredients except vanilla in a large pot and boil. Stirring continously, until ball forms. (Like when making fudge or candies) the ball should be hard and have a soft crack. Add vanilla.
  • Slowly pour the mixture over the egg whites while mixing with a blender the whole time. Continue to mix until the candy has cooled and resembles the texture of marshmallow cream.
  • Pour onto powdered sugar and roll thin.
  • Spread a thin layer of peanut butter.
  • Roll up and cut. ( cut the pieces using a piece of thread to keep it's form and layers).

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  1. This is the recipe my Mom always went by when I was a kid. By far the best peanut butter roll recipe there is! After you add the syrup mixture to the egg whites, it is best to use a stand mixer. I have burnt up plenty of hand held ones making this candy. Lol The way I can always tell when it's ready to roll out is that it will lose most of its shine and the consistency will change. You just have to watch it and it does take a little bit in the mixer to achieve it.


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