Oatmeal Porridge (Crock Pot)

"Wake up to a hearty breakfast, ready and waiting for you! A perfect start to a chilly morning."
Oatmeal Porridge (Crock Pot) created by Missy Wombat
Ready In:
8hrs 1min
5 1/2 cups




  • Mix all 3 ingredients in a 3 1/2 quart slow cooker.
  • Cover.
  • Cook on low for 7 to 8 hours overnight.

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  1. berniceg11perlas
    I'm very sorry to only give 1 star, but this is not for me. I made this exacty as written and did not change anything. It was not nice at all and I ended up putting it in the bin. Thankyou for postig anyway.
  2. YnkyGrlDwndr
    I wish I had an older crock pot that doesn't run high on the temp side and overcooked my porridge and made it rather slimy. I think this recipe would be perfect in a vintage crock pot. I also think I would have had a better result if my crock pot was smaller. Only thing I would adjust on this recipe is the salt, maybe 3/4 tsp instead. I tasted it in the morning and the watery taste was there. For those who aren't aware salt is added to take that watery taste away. Next time I might try it in my multicooker which has a delay setting for slow cook. javascript:postComment();What I love about this recipe is it's all ready when you get up! And since we are trying to be a breakfast cereal free family (research extruded grains and you will know why) having something like this easy to grab in the morning is a plus! I will also try oat groats or steel cut oats as cooking them for the 8 hrs may yield better results.
  3. mle234
    I followed this recipe exactly as is except for the cooking time (and I did not add an extra cup of water, as many suggested). I know that my Crock runs high and that most things cook in 3-3-1/2 hours on low to cook, so I put the oatmeal for 3 hours. It is fabulous! It really is creamy and it came out just how I like it. I love ooey, gooey, sticky yum yum yum!!! This texture is, of course, not for everyone, but I love fining gooey nuggets in my oatmeal/porridge s.
  4. Funkydelia
    I tried another recipe for this on 'zaar and it was a disaster. I think my crock pot cooks quite hot. I used 6 cups of water and cooked for about 7 hours using a timer. It turned out great! I'm so pleased to have this to add to breakfast options when I go back to work. Thanks Pamela.
  5. ladypit
    I enjoyed the fact that this took almost no time at night and was ready for me in the morning since it was so cold today! That said, I found it a tad bit "slimy". Different from the regular texture of the oatmeal I cook on top of the stove. I topped it with my current favorites, chopped up candied ginger, some brown sugar, and a tablespoon of fat free half and half. I may use the rest to make cooked oatmeal scones.



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