Mom's Veggie Dip

"A quick and easy no fuss vegetable dip with a little zing! Can be made in advance."
photo by ChristineWN photo by ChristineWN
photo by ChristineWN
Ready In:
1 1/4 cups




  • Blend until smooth.
  • Allow to stand approximately 10 minutes before serving.
  • Serve with your favorite raw vegetables.

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  1. mmmmm. mmmmmmm. Very, very, very good! It's tangy, it's spicy, and gets even better the the next day when the flavours have a chance in fuse together better. Must try!
  2. Way way way too salty. Also really bitter and disgusting. I kept adding mayo to try to salvage it and ran out well before I was able to. UPDATE: I went out and bought some more mayo and was able to salvage it. It's actually really good, but I am almost certain that they meant to say teaspoons where the recipe says Tablespoons. Adjust accordingly and add the salt to taste; otherwise it's inedible.
  3. Quick and deeeliscious - looked for something at the last minute and had no sour cream. This is awesome on burgers, too!!
  4. Its awesome! As I was making it I thought the salt etc was too much so decided to check the reviews and many people said too much salt but I figured since I was half way through the recipe anyway, if it was indeed supposed to be Teaspoons instead of Tablespoons that I would just add 2 more cups of mayo. In the end, it is salty but when you dip veggies into it, its great! Once I made it and put it in my fridge I kept sneaking back for a sample. When my guests arrived on the back deck, some came in to ask what the amazing dip was. Some asked for the recipe and everyone who tried it loved it even my hubby who says he doesn't like curry. :) Its now my go to dip BUT if you are using salted crackers instead of veggies then put in less salt. I made the mustard version. Thanks for this recipe!
  5. I wish I had read reviews and used teaspoons instead of tablespoons. I followed the recipe as is and it was really bad.


  1. I am almost certain that they meant to say "teaspoon" instead of Tablespoon. Adjust accordingly because otherwise this is inedible, and add the garlic salt to taste because mayo is usually salty enough as it is.


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