A Dilly Dip for Veggies

"I've tried many many veggie dip recipes but this is my favourite. A co-worker gave it to me years ago - the Beau Monde is what makes it so good!!!"
A Dilly Dip for Veggies created by CountryLady
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  • Combine all ingredients& mix well.
  • Refrigerate in a covered container for 24 hours before using.
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"In the words of Tracy Byrd, "I'm from the country & I like it that way"!! On May 1, 2008 my husband and I started a new adventure. We'll be living in a 37 foot RV while our new home is under construction. Its out in the country on a dead end dirt road with lots of trees. For the next 4 months or so, most meals will be cooked on the BBQ and life will be full of challenges! We love spending quality time with our friends & family - especially the grandkids!! The photo is 4 generations - my 84 year old mother, myself, my daughter & my youngest granddaughter - taken at the end of 2006. I've participated in many contests & events here on Zaar but this is the first banner that I've posted. My thanks to Dreamgoddess for hosting the contest & SusieD for the banner design! <img src="http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f249/Dreamgoddess555/Narrow1-1.jpg">"

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  1. bzsoccermom
    Absolutely loved this! Have found my new veggie dip. I couldn't find beau monde. Only one store carried it, and they were out, so based on a zaar recipe for Beau Monde, I used 1/2 tsp of celery salt and 1/2 tsp of onion powder, and it worked perfectly! Thanks for sharing!
  2. coury
    Made this exactly as directed. It was completely vacuumed up by my family! We used mini pretzels for dippers as well as veggies.
  3. iris5555
    I added more beau monde because I love it. Very nice dip for vegetables and for chips as well.
  4. HollyJane
    This is a yummy dip! It reminds me a lot of a dip my mother used to make when I was young, right down to the beau monde. Unfortunately, I didn't have any beau monde at the time, so I substituted a half and half mixture of onion powder and celery salt--works great! I have to admit, I couldn't wait the 24 hours to dig in, but it was yummy right off the bat. I also went a little heavy on the herbs--a habit I tend to have. This is a very versitile dip, and could easily be made low-fat with low-fat or fat-free mayo and sour cream. Thanks for a great recipe. I'll be making it a lot this summer now that the veggies are coming on!
  5. CountryLady
    A Dilly Dip for Veggies Created by CountryLady

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