Molten Lava Cakes - Gluten Free

"These are super yummy! You can make them with regular flour if your not G/F! I personally like to bake mine so they are not as soft in the middle but it's a personal choice! I don't always include the 2nd egg yolk and they turn out fine. I love that this recipe makes 2 large or 3 medium cakes! These are my ultimate splurge!"
Molten Lava Cakes - Gluten Free created by PaulaG
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  • Preheat over to 400.
  • Cover ramekins with butter and dust with sugar. (If you don't have ramekins, I've also made these in a silicone muffin tray.
  • Melt the chocolate and butter.
  • Whisk together the eggs, sugar and salt.
  • Mix these all the above mentioned together.
  • Add the flour, whisk till combined (do not over-whisk).
  • Bake at 10-12 minutes until a tooth pick inserted 1/2 inch from the side of the ramekin comes out clean.
  • Take out of oven and let sit for 10 more minutes.
  • Enjoy!
  • You can dust them with icing sugar and serve with icecream and your favorite berries.
  • I've also had fun and added Baileys or other flavored liquors. This recipe holds up great so experiment with it!
  • These microwave well the next day!
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"Started living the gluten free lifestyle about 1 year ago due to intolerance. I love cooking and baking, and don't eat of of boxes very often so it wasn't the biggest change...but I sure do miss some things! As well I am big into bread making, and have just started making my own pasta! <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"> <img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">"

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  1. caramalisedonionreli
    Do you think I could substitute some butter with avocado?
  2. colleen_rathbone
    I like the idea of adding liquor, where would you put that in, and how much?
  3. Sandi R.
    What size ramekins is everyone using? 4 oz or 8 oz? I want to order the ramekins so I have enough to make for Christmas! Thank you!
  4. vfitzgerald11
    Can I make gluten free lava cakes in advance and bake them after dinner?
  5. Bridget S.
    Best I have ever made!!! I used King Arthur Gluten Free Flour blend. Also, I prepared it in 3 ramekins - baked at 400 for 10 minutes and only rested for 1 minute. They were PERFECT. However, the 3rd one was just sitting there begging us to finish it and in the time it took us to eat the other two it had continued to cook in the ramekin and was no longer gooey. So, for us it was literally a 1 minute rest "cool" for perfection..but it could be our oven. I used a 70% dark chocolate bar and sprinkled with powdered sugar. What I loved is that it wasn't overly rich like others I have made. Loved it and will definitely make again.

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