Mj's Corned Beef Salad

"Sounds a little weird, but I catered to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta once and everyone there loved it."
Mj's Corned Beef Salad created by Parsley
Ready In:
4 quarts




  • In a large frying pan cook corned beef on med heat to melt the fat off then set aside to cool.
  • Once cooled, dice both the bell pepper and the onion and mix into the corned beef with a large wooden spoon.
  • Then add the coleslaw mix the same way.
  • Then add the horseradish and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Finally add in the mayo.
  • It's like with chicken or tuna salad, everyone likes a different consistency, so use the mayo to achieve desired viscosity.

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  1. Carolynn Ds
    20 + stars for this salad!!! Easy and delicious. Will make again soon. Is good with a little egg in it also. We made this our dinner tonight.
  2. Parsley
    Mj's Corned Beef Salad Created by Parsley
  3. Parsley
    Great and unique slaw salad. I made this as written but used fresh cooked corned beef. It really didn't need any salt. I loved the kick of the horseradish. I'll make sure to use this recipe whenever I have leftover corned beef. Thanx!
  4. Annie in Michigan
    Hi, I used shredded home-cooked corned beef, also, and thoroughly chilled the salad. Later, for sandwiches, I put a slice of swiss cheese on a big onion bun for each sandwich along with the corned beef mixture and heated each sandwich in the microwave for about 20 seconds. The buns and cheese got hot - the salad stayed cold - delicious! Thank you, Blayke.
  5. Mirj2338
    My compliments to MJ. I made this for Saturday lunch for 12. I used 2 pounds of home-cooked corned beef (which I shredded after it cooled and I cut the fat off), my own coleslaw mix and added an orange pepper along with the green one. My storebought horseradish had beet grated into it, and it was a wonderful flavor addition. Thanks, I'm going to make this again ver soon!


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