Mini Garlic Bread

"I haven't actually made this recipe myself. But when my brother cooks it up the house smells delish! (can't go wrong with garlic!). The english muffin can be subsituted with regular bread, a bagel, anything you want!"
Mini Garlic Bread created by Lori Mama
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  • Partially toast english muffin, just to crisp it slightly.
  • Butter and sprinkle garlic powder on each slice. Top each slice with shredded cheese and parsley.
  • Return to toaster oven (or place under broiler in oven) until cheese is melted and edges are brown.
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"I'm a recent university graduate, and I just moved all the way across the country ... and BACK again! I loved living in BC, and now miss the mountains ... but I love being by the water again. I used to survive mainly on cereal for all my meals, but in the last few months I've rediscovered "real" food! (and subsequently gained a couple pounds. Heh). I'm always on the lookout for *healthy* recipes. I have recently rekindled a love affair with smoothies. They're sooo good! My pet peeves ... are too many to list! I've got somewhat of a short temper ... lol. Definitely working on curbing it, but it's so hard! <img src=""> <img src="">"

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  1. Jarrod W.
    My oven doesn't have a broiler, but it has a "vari broil" option. Is this alright to use?
  2. herbsx2
    These were very nice. We made them for dinner with salad and American chop suey. Delish. A good way to use up English muffins when you buy too many at Costco. The only change was we used butter because we don't use margarine. One family member thought it needed more seasonings. The parsley was more for color. Definitely a keeper to make with soups, spaghetti, or salads. Thanks for posting KT_Z. Enjoy! ChefDLH
  3. happynana
    We had these for dinner. It sure was easy. We both thought it needed more spices such as oregano and a hint of red pepper flake. Maybe just a hint of mayo mixed in with the butter on each also. Thanks for posting KT_Z.
  4. flower7
    This was great and couldn't have been much easier! Made per the recipe and want to try again with bread, bagel, etc. Made to go with your Recipe #296704 but will definitely make in the future along side other things. Thanks for the recipe!
  5. Lori Mama
    Couldn't have been any easier. Since I don't cook with margarine, I used butter. Made for PAC Spring '08 :)

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