Simple Microwave Poached Eggs

"My DH used to make himself poached eggs using this method all the time. This recipe was found in Chatelaine Food Express Quickies. The cooking time includes the standing time. Note: After reading Lorrie in Montreal's review, I've added poking the egg to prevent messy explosions to the procedure :)"
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  • Heat the water or butter in a custard cup.
  • Add the egg, poke it to prevent it from exploding, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and optional Parmesan.
  • Cover and microwave on medium for 45 to 75 seconds.
  • Let stand, with cover on, for 1 minute.

Questions & Replies

  1. So you put water in the cup, heat it for x amount of time, and THEN take the cup with water out of the microwave, add the egg, poke the yolk, microwave for longer, and THEN serve. Is that correct? Or do you put the small amount of water in the cup, add the egg, poke the yolk, and microwave all at the same time? I haven't done this in the past and the information in the replies below are unclear to me.


  1. Made for a quick and easy breakfast. I have a 900W oven and set for the 45 seconds but at 38 it started to spit so I stopped and removed, I would prefer a little less cooked so next time I will set it for 30 seconds and maybe do another 5 if needed. I used the water and did not use the optional parmesan. Thank you Dreamer in Ontario, made for Every Day A Holiday.
  2. I will never make eggs any other way. . .this is fast, easy, no mess and low fat. I made mine with water and added a little Spike seasoning on top (in lieu of the salt/pepper). 60 seconds on power level 5 in my micro resulted in a running yolk. . .just as I like them!!! Such a fabulous breakfast. . .egg on fresh sourdough bread. THANKS!! This is definitely a keeper. Made for Veg*n Swap July 2009.
  3. This is an excellent method. Since I eat low carb it was perfect. I used the butter method, left out the cheese the first time will try experimentation later. I used 1minute 5 seconds on 70% power for two eggs, in two cups, in and 800Watt microwave. Nice solid whites, runny centers. It has a turntable which would be critical for this recipe I think.
  4. Just made 2 of these eggs. They turned out great. I nuked 35 sec. At 50% power, used butter slide on a piece of toast and they were delish. Thanks for sharing dreamer, keep dream'n pop's
  5. OH Wow!!! This really worked and my egg was cooked perfectly!! I decided to try the butter method for a change and then used the leftover butter in the dish to drizzle on my toast. I cooked mine for 70 seconds. The part I really liked was that you don't lose the egg white as you do when boiling/poaching on a stove, but also enjoyed the quickness and less clean up. I will definitely be using this method from now on!! Thanks Dreamer for sharing this wonderful method. Made for Stars Tag.



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