Menopause (Hot Flash) Remedy

Recipe by Mimi in Maine
READY IN: 10mins


  • 1
    gallon drinking water (all Chlorine taken out)
  • 1
    teaspoon brewer's yeast (purchased at the health food store)
  • 8
    ounces juice, of your choice
  • 1
    vitamin E, with selenium (400 mg. each, see below)
  • 1
    vitamin, c with bioflavonoids Rutin, and Hesperidin (500 mg.each, see below)
  • 1
    vitamin, b-complex (600 mg. each, see below(see other notes below)


  • Do all of the following each day:
  • Get rid of as much Chlorine as you can from drinking water; if you don't have purifier, put a pitcher of water on the counter the night before and let it sit out all night.
  • In the morning put it in the refrigerator and drink from this; Chlorine fights Vitamin E.
  • Put the Brewer's yeast into the juice and drink, but get a good Brewer's yeast in the health food store, OR, you could substitute 1/4 cup of Wheat Germ in juice.
  • Take the Vitamin E (one three times a day; Vitamin C (one three times a day).
  • The Vitamin B is to be taken 2 times daily the week prior to when period would have been; if you have been irregular, take every other day throughout the month.
  • NOTE: Eat as much soy bean products as you can--in any shape way or manner. (Unless, that is, if you have - or might have - a low thyroid condition. Lots of soy can be bad for the thyroid.).
  • Also, eat apples, grapes, grape juice, and raisins as the mineral "boron" is found in these foods and this mineral helps women to keep estrogrn in the blood longer and may retard bone loss in women after menopause.