11 Homemade Remedy Recipes

When our home cooks are faced with stuffy noses, sunburn or insomnia, they turn to these creative DIY tricks. Discover the secrets they swear by.

Cold: Dr. Pat's Hot Toddy

"My mom used to make these when she was sick with a head cold or chest cold all the time. She swore by it and it was her family recipe as well."


Dehydration: Honey Hydrator

"This is delicious and refreshing. It's what sports drinks SHOULD taste like! I will definitely make this again."

-Chef #928625

Cold & Flu: Ginger-Lemon Tea

"This really hit the spot when I was under the weather. I popped the herbs in a tea strainer to make it."

-French Tart

Coughing: Homemade Cough Medicine

"I've tried this on my three children and had great results. Forget purchasing pricey over-the-counter cough medicine — this stuff rocks!"


Sore Throat: Sage & Mint Tea

"This is an amazing tea. It truly works to alleviate the pain from a sore throat. I use sage and mint from my garden."


Upset Stomach: Ginger Stomach Remedy

"I first made this for my 9-year-old son, and now he asks for it whenever his stomach is bugging him. All of my kids drink this easy and versatile tea."


Insomnia: Sweet Dreams Drink

"This is a very calming drink. I had some after a hot bath, which was a nice way to end the evening. I slept well!"


Sunburn: Sunburn-Soothing Bath

"When my husband had a slight sunburn, I soaked washcloths in this cooling solution and applied them to his skin for about 10 minutes. The next day, he said he no longer felt the heat of the burn."


Hangover: Garlic Soup

"This soup is amazing for hangovers! It eats like a meal without being heavy on a sensitive stomach. It's now my go-to soup for any malady!"

-Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

Sore Muscles: Homemade Gel Pack

"This is the perfect way to help save some money instead of buying ice packs at the pharmacy. Plus, they freeze in about four to six hours!"


PMS: Goddess Tea

"This was just what I needed! I now always have some of this tea ready to go and stored in a canister."