Meat Pie with Phyllo Dough

READY IN: 30mins




  • In a pan, heat the garlic with half of the olive oil.
  • Add in the ground meat and small onion.
  • When the meat is almost cooked through add in the tomato paste.
  • Add in the salt, pepper, cinnamon and all spice to your taste.
  • When cooked completely through, remove from heat and set aside in a bowl.
  • Preheat the oven to 375F degrees.
  • In a large lasagna size glass pan, spray the bottom of the pan with Pam.
  • Add one sheet of the Phyllo dough.
  • Spray that sheet and add another layer the same way until you have 5 sheets sprayed down with the Pam and layered on top of each other.
  • You can let it go over the sides if the pan is too small for the sheet.
  • Once you have the 5 sheets, add the meat to the sheets and spread evenly.
  • Add the feta cheese evenly on top of the meat mixture.
  • Make sure it is crumbled small.
  • You do not want large chunks in one spot.
  • Once you are through with that, start to add the remaining sheets the same way you did to begin with, remembering to spray each sheet as you layer.
  • On the top layer, I sprayed with the Pam and also put the remaining olive oil on it spread evenly.
  • You do not have to do this, I just like the extra taste.
  • I also folded over the overlay to make it seal somewhat.
  • Cook for about 15-17 minutes or until it is lightly golden on the top.