Lemon Garlic Dressing -Mediterranean

"I just love this recipe, I have been putting it on everything! It is mild and fresh. Goes wonderfully on a fresh salad from the garden. It is delicious drizzled on pizza, bread, noodles etc. I found this in a cookbook by Nancy Harmon Jenkins."
photo by PaulaG photo by PaulaG
photo by PaulaG
Ready In:
1/4 cup




  • Chop garlic and place in a bowl, add salt.
  • Crush salt and garlic into a paste.
  • Add remaining ingredients stir and enjoy on whatever you like!

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  1. Has anyone actually read this recipe? It calls for "1 tsp salt" A TEASPOON of SALT!!! Really?! If it's an error, then the previous reviewers haven't mentioned it. I did make the recipe with a dash of salt, and less oil. It was fabulous on a salad, and if I had french bread, I'm sure I would enjoy it dipped or drizzled also.
  2. This is yummy I eat it daily pretty much as I love lemon and olive oil. I like it with parsley and capers as well. Also a lovely dressing or on bread. Made for Ramadan Tag 2010.
  3. Delicious and easy!
  4. Complete agreement with Tina T. I quadrupled this recipe except for the salt. Left it at 1 tsp. Still way too salty. Could use some lovely herbs as well. Overall, not impressed.
  5. This went great over my chicken salad, and I believe it would be great on some french bread in the oven as well! Made for Ramadan Tag 2010


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