leftover rice muffins

"serve as appitizers, for lunches, great finger food"
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Ready In:
24 muffins




  • Have rice cooked add the ingredients you want mix altogether add s& p put into very small muffin tins, sprayed with Pam.
  • bake 400 for 10-15 minutes the cheese& egg will bond altogether.
  • let cool they are easier to get out this way.
  • Very good in lunches, appitizers I take them to parties.
  • (the rice when all mixed together should be moist but not mucky).
  • most of the time I do not measure just throw everything in I want adding more cheese or maybe an extra egg depending on the quantity of everything I've thrown in.
  • try it, you'll like it.

Questions & Replies

  1. Do I cook one cup of rice or is it one cup of cooked rice? Thanks


  1. My friend has a recipe that is a bit similar, she calls it "Breakfast In a Cup". I couldn't find her recipe, but I recalled seeing this one, so I used it, and was happy that I did. I more than quadrupled the quantities because we had a huge breakfast retirement party for someone at work today, so I just stopped measuring, and just put it all together as Country Mouse says to do. I added diced green chilis, diced roasted peppers and pimentos, green and black sliced olives, some frozen baby corn kernals, and lots of shredded cheese and about 14 eggs. I did have to bake them at a lower temp for a longer time [350 for @35-45 minutes].This made 72 regular rice muffins and a dozen mini-muffins. I brought the 72 regular sized ones to work where they disappeared in record time [none left at the buffet table]and I froze the mini muffins to serve as appetizers for another time. Thanks Country Mouse!!!!
  2. I made these last night ,after me & the hubby got home @ 5:00 pm from a weekend in Austin, I didn't have anything thawed, but had this recipe saved on my favorites list. I threw in yellow rice & black beans, white rice & okra, leftover garlic chicken, a half of a Southwestern pork chop w/ veggies shredded pepper jack cheese 2 beaten eggs, mixed it all up, with an ice cream scoop I scooped it into a 12 standard size muffin pan, sprinkled the tops with shredded parm cheese, baked @ 350 for about 40 mins, let it rest for 10 mins and vaalah dinner! I even tasted a hint of anchovie absolutley delish, hubby ate 4 he loved them, having " Leftover " rice muffins and a salad for dinner tonight! I too will not let leftovers go waste anymore thanks for sharing!
  3. Yummi idea! done with wild rice mix (black and white) and chicken leftovers. Additional herbs: rosemary and sage. Topped with red peppers.<br/>My family found this great and filling!
  4. DH and I felt like having a lite dinner last night and I remembered seeing your recipe. It was fun looking through the fridge and using up little bits of this and that. I was skeptical that these would turn out very good, but they were delicious. We used ham, red bell pepper, chopped dill pickle, cheddar and provolone. Next time I'll be sure to add a little onion. I know I'll be making these again. Such a perfect way to use up odds and ends. Thanks so much for posting!
  5. This is one of those recipes that you come across and once you try you know you will be using it over and over again, it's simply an ingenious idea not just a recipe. Yep, that's how much I love it and so does my family. I used some cooked basmati rice that has been in the fridge for a couple of days, added shredded zucchini, some left over steak that I diced and a diced green chili. Not a lot of leftover gaoing to waste anymore. Thank you for such a versatile recipe.


  1. I tweaked this to serve as a breakfast dish on-the-go. I added 5 eggs to 2 cups of rice, chopped multicolored sweet peppers, onion, black olives, crumbled bacon, and about a cup of Mexican blend shredded cheese. Baked in regular sized muffin cups for about 35 minutes on 375*. Here's what they looked like going into oven.
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My DH & i moved closer to where he works, next door to his parents so we are there to help them when they get older. I like to cook experiment with foods, so i will have more time for this. I really do like this site & the support we get from friends we do not know.
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