Lee Hong's Cucumbers

Recipe by Cathy17
READY IN: 40mins




  • Slice cucumbers as thin as you can.
  • Arrange cucumber slices in a bowl in layers, salting between layers. Sprinkle the cukes with salt, don't over salt them.
  • Let stand 2 hours.
  • Rinse with cold water until no salt remains. Make sure you rinse salt out of cukes extremely well or the salty taste will stay.
  • Drain well and pat dry.
  • Thinly slice red onions and break apart rings.
  • In a separate bowl, mix sugar and oil, then add vinegar and water.
  • Add more sugar or vinegar if not sweet or sour enough.
  • It should have a nice tangy taste.
  • Add onions and cucumber to vinegar dressing.
  • Mix well.
  • Cover and refrigerate for a couple hours, stirring frequently to blend flavors.
  • Serve with steak, chicken, at a BBQ or with a deli style sandwich!
  • This doubles and even triples well! This makes alot of dressing for the cukes, but I like it that way so the cukes are totally immersed and absorb the flavor.
  • Edited to add: you can also add fresh dill weed to the vinegar dressing if you wish.
  • Edited June 2011 to include: You can also try using Splenda in place of sugar. It doesn't alter the taste too much and I have successfully used it in place of sugar. It depends on your tastebuds.